Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: We Are NEVER Getting Back Together!

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To the utter shock of many, Scott Disick is still dating Sofia Richie.

No stranger to relationships with massive age differences herself, Kourtney is rumored to be involved with Harry Hudson, an up-and-coming singer who's nearly 17 years her junior.

Scott Holds Sofia

So Scott and Kourtney are both paired off with partners in their early twenties.

(Sofia just barely fits that description, having hit the big 2-0 in August.) 

It might not be the most traditional happy ending for the former partners who share three children together, but it seems to be working out well for everyone involved.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

Of course, there are still those who are holding out hope that Kourtney and Scott will eventually find their way back to one another.

And to be fair, the exes have teased that possibility on numerous occasions.

But according to a new report from Hollywood Life, the parents of Mason, Penelope and Reign have finally put an end to the speculation regarding a possible reconciliation.

Scott, Kourtney Picture

We're less than two weeks away from Kourtney's 40th birthday, and the birthday has added significance due to Kourt and Scott's past comments about the future of their relationship.

Both parties have remarked that they could see themselves getting back together in their forties.

Now that one of them is soon to hit that milestone, members of Scott and Kourtney's inner circle are beginning to wonder how they feel about the prospect of giving their relationship another chance.


Scott and Kourtney have said they’d try to get back together when they are in their 40s. 

But apparently, for these two, musing about getting back together is like making plans to go out on a weeknight -- a less and less attractive prospect the closer it gets to the big day.

"Now, Kourtney’s birthday is approaching and she is single," a source tells Hollywood Life.

Kourtney Kardashian Konfesses on Season 16

"So although it is something she has always remembered, she sees how happy Scott is with Sofia and she knows it is not realistic at this point in their lives.

The insider then takes things a step further and reveals that Scott and Kourt have permanently closed the door on the possibility of giving their romance another chance:

"They will not be in a relationship with each other ever again. It’s just too much for them to handle and Scott and his girlfriend are in a great place," the informant claims.

"So as much as it may be wanted or teased, they won’t get back together."

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian

"No one should feel bad though because they’ve got to a point where it is OK for them to handle.

Friends of Scott and Kourtney's assumed they would eventually give their relationship another chance for the sake of their kids, but apparently, that's one of the big reasons they've decided not to try.

It seems they're finally in a good place with regard to their co-parenting, and they fear messing that up by getting back together.

A Kardashian actually making a mature decision with regard to her love life? Now we've seen everything!

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