Kody Brown Drops Bombshell, Leaves Meri Stunned

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Give TLC some credit:

When the network billed this year's Sister Wives reunion as a Tell-All special, it was not kidding.

The Sister Wives and their polarizing husband, Kody, gathered on air last night and most definitely told all.


On the first installment of this special, Meri and Kody talked at length about their new beginning and how they had out certain issues from the past behind them.

You know, like Meri trying to move on from her marriage and then getting catfished online.

On this second installment from Sunday evening, however, the future sounded a little less bright for this husband and wife after Kody revealed one of the major tensions behind he and his other spouses NOT supporting Meri's plan to buy an old family home and rent out rooms as a small business.

(Meri closed on her great-great-grandparents' residence this past January after her fellow Sister Wives turned down her request to assist her financially with this endeavor.)

telling all

"At the time, it was one of these things where I have a much bigger picture to deal with and this is one of those things that is more like an irritation to me," Kody said of his wife's business plans from a few months ago, adding during the special:

"It's something that doesn't look right to me. It didn't pass my sniff test, and I'm like, 'Meri do your thing and you can do it.' At the time, very different view."

Meri was taken aback by this statement.

"So are you good with me?" she asked, to which Kody replied:

"In a nutshell, it always looked like, to me, that you were going to leave."

This, of course, had been a rumor for several months; that Meri was sick of her unusual marital arrangement and itching to start anew.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

Meri, though, had no idea that her semi-recent plans to venture off on her own business bother Kody to this kind of extent.

"That's why you were frustrated with the whole thing! I'm just now understanding this," she said last night, unable to hide her surprise.

"You really thought that I was leaving and that's why I was wanting it?" she asked Kody and the other wives who were present on stage, all of whom told Meri they were shocked she didn't consider this earlier.

Back when the January episode of Sister Wives aired, during which Meri went through with this bed-and-breakfast idea, it was a source of tension between her and her polygamous loved ones.

They did say they felt left out and confused over why Meri wanted to - gasp! - do something on her own.

But they also came together in the end to help Meri move some furniture in to the home.

Meri Brown Returns

"Even if everybody is holding grudges, in plural marriage you might be a little put out, but you also have to play nice," Kody said back then. "This is really about supporting Meri."

He tried to conclude by echoing a similar sentiment on the Tell-All.

Kody explained he was "glad" Meri was able to buy the house and then flip it, regardless of it being in a different state than their Flagstaff, Arizona house.

Christine, who has struggled with her and Meri's relationship over the last few years, added of the interpersonal issues within the family:

"I can tell Meri every day that you have a place in this family, but until she believes she has a place in the family, she never will."

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