Kim Kardashian Addresses Rumors of Presidential Campaign!

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You're probably aware that the 2020 presidential election is already shaping up into an old-fashioned clusterf--k.

The Democratic field is dense with hopefuls, but no clear front-runner has emerged -- which means the time is right for a dark horse populist to take center stage.

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And now that politics and reality TV culture have officially merged into a never-ending waking nightmare, who better to take on Trump than the OG queen of self-promotion?

Yes, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, it's been widely rumored that Kim Kardashian is planning to run for president in 2020.

Perhaps it's because of Mrs. Kardashian-West's recent political activism.

Smiling with Kim

As you may recall, Kim met with Trump to discuss criminal justice reform last year, and her efforts resulted in presidential pardons for multiple non-violent offenders.

Kim later met with California governor Gavin Newsom to discuss bringing an end to the death penalty.

With her unexpected forays into the political arena, perhaps it should come as no surprise that many assumed Kim was gearing up to throw her hat into the ring.

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

Of course, the biggest reason that fans predicted an announcement from Kardashian is probably that it's 2019, and everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Kim's husband, Kanye West, has discussed plans to run for president.

But if you were planning to cast your vote for Kim next November, we're afraid we have some bad news.

In a new interview with the New York Times, Kim has officially put an end to the rumors that she's got her eye on the White House.

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"[It would] probably be the most stressful job in the world, and I don't think that's for me," she told the paper when asked about her rumored presidential aspirations.

Obviously, our disappointment knows no bounds.

For one thing, the slogans would've written themselves.

("It takes a giant ass to defeat a giant ass!" and so forth.)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

On top of that, she's the perfect intersectional candidate.

Kim is a Hollywood liberal who's married to one of the country's best-known Trump supporters.

This may be the only time that anyone ever uses the words "Kanye" and "uniter" in the same sentence.

However, it seems it's the arrival of Kim's fourth child that takes up most of her attention these days, not her presidential campaign.

Kim Kardashian Calls

"I'm frantically trying to get the room ready,' she the Times, adding:

"It's madness, but the best madness."

Okay, we suppose she's got enough on her plate these days.

But by 2024, things will probably have settled down in the Kardashian-West home.

Hell, by then, Kanye will probably be the only one in the house throwing tantrums, which may free Kim up to focus on other things.

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