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Friday, April 12 was baby True’s first birthday.

While Khloe was sure to throw True and over-the-top birthday bash, a lot of fans worried that Tristan would ditch True’s birthday entirely.

Fortunately, he did show up to give his baby girl a kiss. Things were outrageously tense between him and Khloe.

True Thompson, First Birthday

"Happy birthday my sweet True!!" Khloe writes on her Instagram captions.

She shared a series of photos and even a few short videos on social media.

"You are my ultimate True love!" Khloe gushes.

Notably, in the photos in which True sits surrounded by birthday balloons, she looks more overwhelmed than anything else.

"I am honored," Khloe continues. "And so thankful to be your mommy!"

Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Birthday Girl True

All of this is extremely new to True. It’s her first birthday. And she’s just a baby.

She’s more than entitled to be overwhelmed.

"Today and until the end of time, I love you!!" Khloe affirms.

She then concludes: "We have forever."

That’s so sweet, even though Illuminati conspiracy theorists who think that celebrities live forever via cloning are gonna have a field day with it.

Tristan Thompson Kisses Birthday Girl True Thompson

Recently, report after report has said that Khloe’s worst fears were realized:

Following the fallout from his alleged kiss with Jordyn Woods, reports claim that Tristan has basically been ghosting his own daughter.

It’s hard to say how much of that is true, but he at least manages to visit his baby girl on her birthday.

In a short video clip that we’ve shared here, you can see that True looked more interested in her father’s necklace.

Babies love jewelry. It’s shiny and you can wear it — what’s not to like?

Khloe and True wore mother-daughter matching outfits for the big day.

These weren’t just any periwinkle dresses, however.

The comfortable looking gowns were tailor-made by designer August Getty.

Above and beyond? Yes.

Something that True herself could not possibly appreciate even though it is ostensibly done to celebrate her? Also yes.

But when it comes to the Kardashians, it’s become almost compulsory to throw a massive birthday bash.

In a short clip that Khloe shared on her Instagram Stories, she is holding baby True on her hip.

She let True "greet" her guests — but she really did greet some of them, saying "hey" in her adorable little baby voice.

You can see them sporting their matching dresses.

Suddenly, Tristan approaches, and Khloe’s face looks instantly annoyed and serious.

After that, the camera cuts away.

Khloe Kardashian Holds True on Her First Birthday

A changed facial expression when you’re having a good time and suddenly see your ex is … extremely fair.

Yes, she wanted him there to celebrate True’s birthday.

That doesn’t mean that she was happy to see him, you know?

In fact, it sounds like she had so many hard feelings during True’s party that she even had leftovers, which made their way onto social media.

Khloe really loves her not-so-vague vagueposts.

Khloe shared a famous quote — a reminder that the people who hurt you do not get to decide that they did nothing wrong.

Technically, she does not refer to Tristan by name in the post, and could merely be sharing some words of wisdom.

Real talk? She has to be talking about Tristan.

It sounds like he may have said something or acted in a way to suggest that he doesn’t feel that he wronged Khloe.

That is … terrible. And also incredibly on-brand for him.

But hey, at least he gave True a birthday kiss. That’s something.