Kailyn Lowry: Is She REALLY Back Together With Chris Lopez?!

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Of all the current and former stars of the Teen Mom franchise, it's possible that no one has been as straightforward and candid with their fans as Kailyn Lowry.

On Twitter, in multiple bestselling memoirs, and on her wildly popular podcast, Lowry frequently "goes there" in terms of opening up about her personal life.

Which may be why so many of her fans are confused by Kail's recent secrecy about her love life.

Of course, if Lowry is really back together with Chris Lopez, as has been rumored in recent weeks, she has good reason to keep that information to herself.

Take a look:

1. Working It Out

Working It Out
It's been a rocky road for Kail and Chris, but these days, it seems Lux's parents may have decided to give their relationship another chance.

2. Dark Days

Dark Days
Kail and Chris are in a good place these days, but that's a fairly recent development.

3. Reformed Bad Dad

Reformed Bad Dad
Just a few months ago, Kail was publicly chastising Chris for being an "Instagram dad" -- posting photos on social media in order to give the false impression that he actually spends time with his son.

4. A Bad Breakup

A Bad Breakup
She even revealed to fans that her first breakup with Lopez was so painful that it left her with PTSD.

5. So Many Ways

So Many Ways
In her most recent memoir, Kailyn revealed that she was "hurt in so many ways" by her breakup with Lopez.

6. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
"I've had my bedroom window broken while the baby was asleep," Lowry wrote. "My back door has been broken while all of my kids were home."

7. Lux Life

Lux Life
Astonishingly, Kail even alleges that Chris has badmouthed her to her 1-year-old son, Lux.

8. A Good Rule

A Good Rule
"I've had sh-t about me told to my children," she alleges in her book. "I don't care if the baby is six weeks or six years old, a dad should not talk down about the mother of his child."

9. Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made
Needless to say, Chris' behavior over the course of his relationship with Kail ranged from inconsiderate to unforgivable.

10. So Many Second Chances

So Many Second Chances
Despite all of that (and such petty behavior as posing for a photo while burning a copy of her book), Kail has taken Chris back on at least one occasion.

11. Not Gonna Happen

Not Gonna Happen
"We tried to get back together and work things out, but it only lasted about a month," Lowry writes.

12. Not On Speaking Terms

Not On Speaking Terms
"After that time of being together, we didn't speak for a period of eight months," Kail adds.

13. Patching Things Up

Patching Things Up
In spite of all that, Kail appears to be back on good terms with Lopez.

14. Instagram Official

Instagram Official
She's posted several photos of Chris in the past few weeks, and the response from fans was so negative that she disabled comments on each of the pics.

15. The Truth

The Truth
Of course, it's possible that Kail has simply decided to work on repairing her co-parenting relationship with Chris and no longer harbors any interest toward him romantically.

16. Self Defense

Self Defense
On Twitter, Lowry has not specifically denied that she's romantically involved with Lopez, but she has encouraged her followers to back up and let her live.

17. Singing Her Praises

Singing Her Praises
Meanwhile, Chris has had nothing but nice things to say about Kail in his own tweets.

18. The Over-Achiever

The Over-Achiever
"And even though it’s things about me I may not agree with, overall proud of her!" Chris wrote of Kail's latest memoir.

19. The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter
"[I don't know] [about] y’all but I don’t know many people that have 4 published books lol," he added.

20. The Future

The Future
It's anyone's guess where Kail and Chris' relationship will go from here, but it's clear that they're both putting Lux's needs above their own, which is the best way to ensure a bright future for all.

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