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At times, the current season of Vanderpump Rules has felt like the final episodes of a long-running high school drama.

The characters we’ve watched party, cheat, fight, and generate endless drama for the past several years now appear much too old for such shenanigans, and the realization that it’s time for a change is bittersweet.

Vanderpump Cast Pic
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Sure, it’s nice to see the cast finally grow up, especially since some of them are beginning to show physical signs of age, and dancing on a bar while guzzling tequila straight from the bottle is becoming a rather sad sight.

(On high school dramas, this is a result of Hollywood’s tendency to cast 25-year-olds as freshmen. On Vanderpump, it’s a consequence of the fact that most of the cast was already in their thirties when the show premiered back in 2013.)

But at the same time, we’re more than a little bummed that we’ll no longer be able to bear witness to all that debauchery.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax
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As they approach their middle years, the most enlightened grownups realize that if you cling to youth, the consolations of aging — wisdom, stability, a greater sense of self — are lost to you.

And astonishingly, it seems no one in the Vanderpump cast is more aware of this fact than Mr. Jax Taylor.

One of the recurring themes of this season is the notion that Taylor has changed his ways.

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright on Instagram
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And while we counted ourselves among the skeptics at first, it now looks as though Taylor may have been speaking the truth when he stated that his father’s death had caused him to see the light.

For one thing, Jax is soon to marry Brittany Cartwright.

The wedding will take place in June, and will be featured on the eighth season of Vanderpump.

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So fans have quite a wait ahead of them — and it seems many are convinced that Jax and Brittany were themselves unable to wait for their wedding night.

There’s a widespread rumor on social media that Cartwright is already knocked up with Taylor’s baby.

And ironically, comments the couple recently made to the contrary have only added fuel to the fire.

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“I’m definitely eager to have kids and Jax is eager to have kids. He’ll be 40 two weeks after [the wedding]. I’m 30, we’re ready. We’re buying a house,” Brittany recently told Us Weekly.

“When it happens it happens. We’re not going to be very careful. We’re gonna let it come with God’s grace, and he’ll give us a baby when [it’s] ready.” 

Jax echoed the sentiment saying he can’t wait to become a father.

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Bravo Offices
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“We’ve been together for four years and my whole life has been a party, so I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I’m ready for the next step,” Taylor told the magazine.

“I’m ready to have kids. I’m ready to be part of the PTA, soccer dad, soccer mom, gymnastics coach, whatever. That’s my next job.”

Many fans believe these remarks are Jax and Brittany’s way of bracing the public for a pregnancy announcement — but we feel they’re reading too much into it.

Besides, Jax swears he’s stopped lying, and we all believe him when he says that — don’t we?