Jax Taylor: Caught Lying About His Military Service?

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For seven seasons now, Jax Taylor has persistently confounded and baffled Vanderpump Rules viewers.

Sure, Jax might seem like an open book at first -- it's hard to drink that much and hold on to many secrets -- but it's important to bear in mind that Taylor is also a compulsive and unrepentant liar.

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If you've been watching VPR this season, then you know that Jax swears he's changed, and his storyline has centered mainly around his decision to clean up his act in the months before his wedding to Brittany Cartwright.

Jax's father died in June of last year, and ever since, Taylor has been on a mission to repair his public image, thereby making his old man proud.

The process involved Jax sitting for the most in-depth interview of his career.

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The resulting piece published by Vulture magazine contained a number of Taylor-esque lies (Jax falsely claimed to have spent six months living under an assumed identity in a frat house for a college he never attended.), and at least one surprising, seemingly legitimate revelation about the 39-year-old's past:

Jax claims he served four years in the US Navy, and his time in the military included a tour in Kosovo.

Taylor is not exactly the modest type, and many were surprised that he never mentioned his naval service on the show.

Jax In the Navy

And it seems one fan even went so far as to investigate his claims:

Jax posted the above photo on Thursday, along with the following caption:

"In the past 24 hours a certain individual who claims to have a team behind them has tried very hard to slander my name and reputation. 

“They have gone out of their way to reach out to every company I’ve ever partnered with, my network, my management team, and my family, claiming that I never served in the navy and I would be facing immeasurable repercussions for stolen valor.


"I typically don’t waste my time with trolls like these, but this person has gone too far without knowing or investigating the facts.”

"The Facts:

"I served in the United States Navy in 1999 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71stationed in Norfolk, VA. I attended school at Lackland Air Force in San Antonio, TX and Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Chicago IL." 

Jax Taylor on a Red Carpet

"One tour: Kosovo.

"My entire family, especially my father was extremely proud of me and i remember the tears in his eyes watching me at my graduation ceremony. How dare someone try to tarnish such an integral part of my life and spew such wrongful lies and accusations.

"I have not taken this lightly and consequences will be dealt with."

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Bravo Offices

Jax later posted a screenshot of an Instagram post from the woman who he claims is slandering him.

Taylor instructed his followers to "have fun," but deleted the post shortly thereafter.

Here's where things really get interesting:

Jax Taylor in a Coat

Taylor deleted the post with his Navy photo, and it seems he'd like for this whole story to simply go away.

That could be because he's serious about pursuing legal action, and his lawyers advised him to keep him off the 'Gram.

But to the surprise of absolutely no one, it seems Jax is not being entirely forthcoming about his time in the Navy.

Jax on Vanderpump

The folks at Starcasm have published segments of a report by journalist Dave Hardin, who was able to unearth Jax's military records.

While Jax did indeed enroll in the Navy in 1998, it seems he was discharged for undisclosed reasons after just six months of service.

Jax was stationed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt for just 37 days.

This contrasts sharply with comments Taylor made to The Daily Dish in 2016:

Jax Taylor Meltdown

"I was in the Navy for four years, and I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia on a aircraft carrier called the Roosevelt," Jax told the outlet.

"I was a specialist. I drove, like, special forces around — Navy SEALs and stuff like that."

Taylor's former girlfriend Stassi Schroeder has confirmed that he falsely claimed to have been a member of the Navy SEALS at the start of their relationship.

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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