Audrey Roloff Wants You to Know She Still Bones Jer on the Reg

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Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff will not be featured on Little People, Big World returns with new episodes next week.

It's sad, but true.

Thankfully, however, the couple has not disappeared from public view.

Auds and Jer

Despite resigning from the TLC reality show last summer, Audrey continues to keep fans apprised of her life via Instagram.

And she also continues to hold very little back, as evidenced by things Roloff shared on a Today Show parenting blog this week.

Delving into what things are like between her and husband Jeremy, now that they are busy as parent of an infant and also hosting a podcast and writing a book and doing lots of other stuff, Audrey wrote the following:

“While there’s still plenty of romance between us nearly a year and a half after the birth of our beautiful baby girl, we’ve had to ramp up the intentionality and planning required to keep it there."

In other words:

It's hard to be spontaneous, given their situation.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Get Physical

How do they keep the spark alive?

Both physically and emotionally?

“Each night, we write down one thing we appreciate, love or admire about our spouse on a little piece of paper, and we read them together before going to bed,” explained Audrey, adding:

"Then we stick them in a cute little mailbox we keep in our room.” 

Moreover, she says the couple also pens long love letters on each wedding anniversary... to be read one year later.

This may be a lot to ask of other husbands and wives around the world, but Roloff also offers up some simple advice that absolutely anyone can follow:

Jeremy and Audrey on V-Day

No cellphones at night. No cellphones on Sundays.

“We have a strict “no work or social media” policy every Sunday, and it’s a great time for us to connect as a family, refresh, rest, and make space for romance,” she says.

Because she's Audrey Roloff and she's never shied away from getting VERY personal, the former reality star even talked about her sex life in this blog entry.

Yes, it still exists.

Just like other things, however, it just needs to be planned out and scheduled at times.

Gone are the days when when she and her Jer Bear could just come home from a night out and rip off each other's clothing in the kitchen.

What a Perfect Pair

“We plan regular date nights and do our best to keep them light and fun - saving the heavy, conflict-sparking conversations for our weekly marriage journal entries,” says Audrey.

Okay, awesome. Great. But what about the intercourse?

“And honestly, sometimes we have to set aside time for physical intimacy. We’ve learned that it’s okay to do whatever we need to do to make sure the magic happens."

Audrey is known for being very conservative and Christian, but she actually talks about sex a lot.

Audrey and Jeremy in Autumn

Heck, back in 2016, she said it was especially spicy for her and Jeremy to read their marriage vows to each other while the latter penetrated the former.

She also once posed naked in a bathtub.

As mentioned above, meanwhile, Little People Big World starts to air new episodes on April 2 -- although these will not include Jeremy and Audrey.

Check out the first trailer below:

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