Amy Roloff Accused of "Ruining" Little People, Big World ... Why? And How?

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff has clapped back against trolls before, but sometimes the amount of hate is too overwhelming.

She is getting raked over the coals by so-called "fans" who don't like her or her attitude.

Some have even gone so far as to accuse Amy of "ruining the show."

Amy Roloff in Michigan

Basically, the resentment that Little People, Big World fans have towards Amy Roloff started with her divorce from Matt.

It wasn't just that the marriage ended and viewers wanted someone to blame.

It was also Amy being very honest about her discomfort with Matt's relationship with Caryn Chandler.

"Caryn is an employee, and is in a personal relationship with my ex-husband," Amy has confessed to fans.

"And so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events," she admitted.

"I’d rather just minimize the personal interaction," Amy revealed. "It’s not healthy for me."

Amy Roloff is Gorgeous

Something else that has caught the criticism of fans is Amy's various videos about "purging" things from her life.

"It’s hard to let go of some things though," Amy has admitted.

"But in the long run it’s a good thing," she affirmed.

"Isn’t that kind of like life," she asked her fans. "Hanging on to stuff and people when it’s time to let go or the other way around."

Some people immediately latched on to Amy's words, and commented that the only thing Amy needs to "purge" is her resentment.

"Grow up and move on from your jealousy towards Caryn," one commenter insisted. "Matt deserves to be as happy as you are.”

Amy Roloff Thanksgiving Spread

“Dude your bitterness & anger is ruining the show," another commenter accused.

That same comment continued: "You sound so cruel whenever [you] try and paint Matt in a bad light."

"(And I can’t believe [you] were jealous of Caryn holding Jackson," that commenter concluded.

For the record, Amy and Matt both speak fairly frankly about themselves, their feelings, and each other.

It is unclear why some fans have become fixated on the idea that Amy is the villain and only her words qualify as "bad-mouthing."

Amy Roloff Discusses New Year's Resolutions

"Amy, don’t understand your animosity towards Caryn," another fan wrote.

"After all," the commenter said. "You wanted out of the marriage."

Right. That's how divorce works.

The commenter observed: "you come across so sour and bitter."

Folks, Amy is just openly discussing how complicated it is to live in such proximity with your ex and his new girlfriend -- whom you already knew.

Amy Roloff in Costume

To his credit, Matt has made it extremely clear that he doesn't want to see anyone bashing Amy on his timeline.

"I’m generally pretty tolerant on my social media as to what I allow vs when I delete or ban someone,” Matt wrote back in June.

“But my new rule is," he announced. "I’m going to delete people that make unnecessary mean or hateful comments about Amy."

"Or," he added. "Any of my family members."

That defense earned him praise.

"Wish my ex would defend me!" expressed a fan. "Shows what character you have!"

I'm 54 Now!

If someone has decided to dislike someone -- whether it's a reality star, a coworker, or a classmate -- they can nitpick at anything that they like to "justify" it.

They'll always find something to explain that they're not holding this person to a double standard.

The sad thing for us is that there's no hope in changing their minds.

The sad thing for them is that they miss out on enjoying all that another human being has to offer.

People who wrote off Amy Roloff because she sells bread or has a boyfriend or whatever ... they're missing out.

It's their loss. They just need to keep their hate off of social media.

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