Amy Roloff Reveals Health Goals and "Purge" Plans for 2019

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Over the holidays, Amy Roloff was busy with Molly's rare visit.

She's only just now getting around to discussing her New Year's Resolution -- and she hasn't even taken down her tree.

Amy is sharing her plan to lose weight this year, her plan to purge her home, and how she plans to go about it.

Amy Roloff Discusses New Year's Resolutions

Over the weekend, Amy Roloff shared a short series of videos to Instagram.

Within the first video, she shows her fans and followers her garage, and explains how taking care of mess is one of her big priorities.

She also explains that she wants to take care of herself better by being mindful.

In the other two, she shows them inside of her home, where her Christmas tree is still up and decorated.

She talks about New Year's Resolutions and why she has chosen "purpose" as a word on which to focus in 2019.

She even reveals that she got the idea from her son, Jeremy.

Amy Roloff on a Cloudy Afternoon

"It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s kind of cloudy and I went to church with Chris," Amy says, setting the stage for her video.

She has been with Chris Marek for a long time, and things between them are pretty serious.

"And," Amy says, she is "just putting away all my Christmas stuff."

"You’re going to see my garage here," Amy admits. "I’ve got all my Christmas stuff, my fall pumpkin season stuff."

"And some of my purging," she says. "That’s my goal this year, 2019, is to purge."

To be clear, she's talking about getting rid of things that she no longer wants or needs in order to reduce clutter.

Amy Roloff Thanksgiving Spread

Amy also talks about 2019 Resolutions and goals and how she wants a little more substance to hers.

"Everyone’s goal is just weight," she laments.

"I just really want to be purposeful in what I eat, why am I eating what I’m eating and exercising," Amy explains.

She is "trying to get down a routine of some sort that I can continue to maintain because, as you guys all know, I love to cook!"

"Just doing better at it" is her goal. "Or just eating better."

"New Year – striving to still be me and better," Amy captions the video. "Life is good."

"What is your new year goals and/or word for the year?" she asks her followers. "I hope you’re off to a good start."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Thanksgiving 2018

"As we set New Year's Resolutions or set goals or whether you pick a word," Amy begins another video.

"That seems to be the 'in' thing," Amy says. "And I love that because I got that from my son, Jeremy."

"I chose the word 'purpose,'" Amy shares. "And whatever I do in my life, I want it to have a purpose."

"Because I'm hoping that it helps someone, it brightened up their day," she explains. "It put a smile on their face."

"I think for me, that has purpose to it," she says. "Meaningful purpose."

Amy Roloff Snaps Selfie with Molly Roloff and Chris Marek

"It's not only losing weight, but how do I think about my health?" Amy asks in the next video.

"What do I think about as I sit on my couch or at my office at my desk?" she continues.

"There's a purpose to that," Amy acknowledges. "But the purpose of losing weight, to me, is about health."

"Finding something that I can continue to maintain," she says. "Refocusing myself, that nutrition, and moving -- physically moving."

That, she says, "has purpose to go towards losing weight."

Amy Roloff in Michigan

"I know that I won't lose weight in two weeks, in a month," Amy admits. "But I want losing weight to be a goal."

"But the purpose is to have a life-changing attitude and mindset," Amy concludes."

That makes a whole lot of sense, and we wish Amy the best in setting and meeting her sustainable goals!

In fact, we hope that everyone is successful in attaining the happiness, health, and prosperity that they deserve in 2019.

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