Tristan Thompson Enters Deadbeat Dad Mode, Ditches Daughter After Cheating Scandal

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It took until Saturday for Khloe to admit that Tristan's cheating was Tristan's fault, but it doesn't seem like Tristan minded.

A new report says that Tristan hasn't been making any efforts to reconcile with or woo back Khloe.

What's more is that he apparently doesn't seem interested in spending time with baby True, either.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

HollywoodLife reports that Tristan seems largely unbothered by all of this.

"Tristan seems really unfazed by the Jordyn and Khloe drama going on in his life,” an insider reveals.

“He’s been acting totally normal," the source characterizes.

The insider adds: "and like nothing is wrong at all."

Is it just really good at hiding his inner pain at the breakup and all of the heartbreak he caused?

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

"If he’s struggling with the Khloe breakup," the source states. "You would never know."

Now, society does teach men to hide their emotional pain.

Could it be that he's just good at masking it, and is reaching out behind the scenes to make things right?

According to the insider: "He hasn’t at all tried to win Khloe back."

"In fact," the source adds. "He is acting like he totally couldn’t care less.”

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Go Away

“It’s actually really sad," the insider characterizes.

The source notes that this situation grows worse "especially because he has a child with her."

Having a child together means that relationship decisions are no longer a mere personal choice.

However, there is an upside to Tristan's apparent disinterest.

The insider notes: "but it’s making it easier for Khloe to be done for good and move on."

Now that he's no longer faking interest, she can just get on with her life like she should have in April 2018.

Tristan Thompson Kisses Baby True Thompson

It sounds like Tristan's distance from True is causing Khloe distress.

"Khloe has expressed to Tristan multiple times she’d like him to see True more," the source says.

"And," the insider adds, Khloe would like for him to "be more present in her life despite their situation."

"But it just doesn’t seem to be at the top of his priority list right now," the source laments.

That is heartbreaking ... but not really a surprise.

Not even to Khloe.

Tristan Thompson Dances with True Thompson

During the summer of 2018, it was reported that one of Khloe's main reasons for staying with Tristan was her desire to keep him in True's life.

If so, that's heartbreaking.

It sounds like Khloe was projecting her own issues with her parents' divorce onto her newborn baby.

We all know that, in real life, a child can be sad or even traumatized by a divorce.

But we also know that a baby isn't going to "miss" what she never knew.

Khloe could have avoided this new personal heartbreak for herself, for True, for Kylie, and for Jordyn if she'd just dumped Tristan while she was in labor.

It sounds like, that way, True and Tristan would never have bonded in the first place.

Tristan Thompson the Cheater

Now, the reports that Tristan is basically ghosting his own child have yet to be confirmed.

It is always possible that he's just being really, really secretive about spending time with his daughter ... for some reason.

Notably, last summer, it was reported that Khloe was pressuring Tristan to spend more time with his other child.

One wonders what anyone could see in a man who needs to be convinced to spend time with his own offspring.

Hopefully, next time, Khloe will date a man who is actually worth the effort.

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