Hailey Baldwin Under Fire After Racist Tweets Surface Online!

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These days, Hailey Baldwin is best known as Justin Bieber's wife.

But as a model and the daughter actor Stephen Baldwin, Hailey has been in the spotlight since early childhood.

Hailey Baldwin in Cannes

Which is why it's surprising that it's taken until now for her to be called out for her appallingly racist remarks.

Yes, Hailey is the latest celeb to come under fire for her bigoted views and comments.

The tweet that seemingly started it all was originally posted in 2013.

Hailey Baldwin for Vogue Arabia

"To those foreigners who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so sorry your country didn't have Pilgrims and Indians to start such a sick holiday," Baldwin wrote.

Now, we suppose that one could qualify as an "edgy humor fail," which is the cause of a lot of online idiocy.

Unfortunately, the deeper fans dug, the more upsetting Hailey's tweets became.

Hailey Baldwin Insta Pic

As OK! magazine reports, in a tweet from 2012, Hailey wrote, "Shut up before I smack you back to your own country" in response to criticism from a follower whom she apparently presumed to be an immigrant.

Hailey is only 22, and some fans have been chalked her racist remarks up to her youth.

There are two problems with that explanation:

Hailey Baldwin on the 'Gram

1. Bigotry is unacceptable at any age, and most people go their whole lives without making the sort of comments Hailey is guilty of here.

2. It looks as though Hailey was hurling offensive slurs and "jokes" as recently as 2016.

Yes, in an Instagram direct message from that year, Hailey allegedly wrote, "Whatever that ugly n---er's name is."

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

She also "liked" a tweet that referred to Jay-Z is a "monkey."

Hailey's mother is from Brazil, and apparently, she's in the practice of wielding this fact like a shield when confronted about her racism.

"I’m not white tho so that’s awk,” she once remarked to a follower who her called her out.

Hailey Baldwin Arrives

Nah, that's not how this works.

For one thing, Hailey looks white ... which is probably because both of her parents also look very white.


Stephen and Kennya Baldwin

We've decided as a society that there's such an ugly history of hatred surrounding certain words that we simply will not allow them to be uttered by people who look like they could be the descendants of history's greatest oppressors.

We're not here for the slippery slope of people bringing up the Ancestry app on their phone so they can prove to you that they're allowed to use the n-word.

We admit there are complicating factors and grey areas with some of this stuff, but in Hailey's case it's quite simple:

Hailey Baldwin at the BMAs

Her mother's not black; she's not black, and thus, the n-word is strictly off limits.

Especially when it's used in such a hateful context.

Also, did she really put an "r" at the end?

Girl, what are you doing?

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