Meghan Markle is a Heartless Biatch, Evil Sister Alleges

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Back in August, Samantha Markle compared her famous half-sister to Cruella de Vil, implying that Meghan Markle is all for the murder of innocent little puppies.

Now, in her first interview in a few weeks, Samantha has explained why Meghan is also akin to the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

We'll let her explain why...

Sam Markle

Sitting down for her role in a documentary called Meghan and the Markles: A Family at War, Samantha opens up about the Duchess of Sussex and her fractured relationship with her father.

“She doesn't have a heart or she would have been doing everything she could to make him comfortable and reciprocate, and be loving, and gracious and make sure he's comfortable in his old age,” Samantha says, adding of Meghan:

"She can't turn herself into the victim here.”

Samantha is referencing a letter Meghan allegedly sent her dad last summer.

In this message, the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex expressed how her father’s actions, including his staged paparazzi scandal, “have broken my heart into a million pieces.”

She went on to plead with her father to “stop lying, please stop creating so much pain, please stop exploiting my relationship with my husband."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Hand in Hand

This very personal letter was somehow exposed to the public three weeks ago.

“That letter was strategic, it was so elegantly written and contrived,” Samantha claims of the letter in her latest trashing of Meghan.

“She was basically saying that my dad had been and liar and that I was a liar.”

The letter in question ran five pages in length and accused Samantha of lying to the press, of saying really mean and cruel and false things about Meghan to anyone who would listen.

So... the truth, basically. 

But this isn't how Samantha sees it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Abroad

“I wasn't maliciously lying," she explains in this documentary.

"I was pointing out what the world was already saying. I was pointing out that humanitarians don't treat their fathers cruelly, was that a lie? And because the world watched it happen to my dad, they watched her do it.”

Samantha and Meghan are separated by 17 years.

They barely know each other.

But Samantha has taken endless swipes at the Duchess for allegedly abandoning her family once she became a household name; most notably for ghosting her father, who has lived a reclusive life in Mexico for decades.

Mr. Markle did NOT attend Meghan's wedding last May to Prince Harry because he had a heart condition and also because he confessed to taking money from photographers in exchange for photos of him.

Thoma Markle has since claimed (many times) that all his attempts to reach out to his well-known daughter have been rejected.

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!

Samantha, meanwhile, is hoping to shed light on her family dynamics and uncover the supposedly ugly truth in a pair tell-all books set to be released later this year.

They will be titled In the Shadows of the Duchess I and In the Shadows of the Duchess II.

Set to be released in April and July - matching the dates of Markle’s due date and her birthday - the memoirs will reportedly “cover everything from behind the scenes that the world does not know about…from lullabies to lies.”

We don't plan on reading them.

Do you?

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