Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera Finally Resolve Child Support Battle!

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Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera have actually made amends.

And we're just a tad shocked.

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The exes have had a rocky time co-parenting their 9-year-old son Issac throughout the years, but their relationship especially suffered following their split custody arrangement. 

During a recent episode of TM2, Kailyn learned that Jo had filed paperwork asking her to pay child support.

And Kailyn was, well, pissed.

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Since their son was 8 months old, Jo has made child support payments of $475 per month. But he now is putting an end to future payments.

In fact, he believes Kail owes him something in return.

"I should let you know Mr. Rivera thinks you're a payday for him now that you have shared placement and thinks that he can get over $1,000 a month from you," read a text from her lawyer. 

Lowry on MTV

And even though it's pretty obvious Kail is not suffering and does not need the extra money, Jo isn't doing too bad himself.

The reality star admits to InTouch, "I was angry, partially at myself, because I didn't drop it right away"

She openly says she meant to put a stop to the payments, but just never got around to it. 

"But also because when I offered him back the amount he's paid in child support he agreed... but then never came back and said, 'Here this is the amount I came up with $x," she continued. 

Kail, Jo and Isaac

"And then he never gave me a heads up that he filed for child support," she explained.

But thanks to Jo's wife, Vee Torres, the two have put the issue to rest. 

"Things are good now, and truthfully, I credit Vee for that," Kail revealed. "If it wasn't for her things would be a lot different." 

"I can't speak for her but I know she saw both sides and ultimately wanted what's best for Issac and for all of our relationships, really," she added.

Kailyn Lowry and Vee Torres

And now that Kail and Jo have settled their feud, she admits "it's hard to watch the show back because we feel like we need to defend ourselves but we are all good again."

The 26-year-old mom paid him back for the full year and also wrote him a check for whatever he had paid while custody was 50/50. 

Jo also verified that they were able to come to an agreement. 

"In the end, I asked for her to drop my child support payments and refund a portion of it as well as cover his health insurance from here on out," Rivera said.

Lowry and Sons

In exchange, Kail didn't have to reveal her income or do child support calculations.

"She was relieved of any arrears she would have had to pay, and we all got to move on," reported the father-of-two. 

And seeing how Kail's haircare line was featured in Bhad Bhabie's latest music video, we guess we can say she's doing... fine.

Kailyn Lowry Looks Pretty

"I was excited that people recognized my products in her video. It's exciting to see it get out there and people are really giving it a chance," Kail said.

It looks like things are finally working out for the Teen Mom 2 stars.

Moving on! 

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