Jo Rivera: Kailyn Lowry Is Screwing Me on Child Support!

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It's not clear exactly how much money the Teen Mom 2 cast is worth.

Their salaries are generally agreed to be in the $300,000 per year range, but that doesn't tell the entire story of their wealth.

Kail and Isaac

Take Kailyn Lowry, for example.

Like her co-stars, Kail rakes in six figures simply by living her life in front of the cameras.

But she also benefits from several other revenue streams, including a podcast, several bestselling memoirs, and a line of hair care products.

So we don't know exactly how much Kail is worth, but it's safe to say she's quite well off.

Kail, Jo and Isaac

So for many, the recent revelation that Jo Rivera -- the father of Kail's oldest son Isaac -- is seeking child support came as no great surprise.

But for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Jo took a ton of flak on Twitter when fans learned (via a recent Teen Mom 2 preview) that he filed for support.

“The gap is absolutely incredible between what I make and what she makes,” Jo tweeted in his own defense.

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera at MTV Movie Awards

"I run two businesses outside of MTV and work 5-7 days a week but I should go get a job?” Jo wrote on Wednesday.

“I’m STILL paying child support and you think I shouldn’t fight that? Jan 11th I had to pay almost 2 grand to [Kail]. You know nothing and spew out lies.”

While many only became aware of the situation this week, Kail first spoke publicly about her battle with Jo several months ago.

“I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” Kail said on her podcast back in November.

“But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can," she added.

"I don’t think that’s fair. Like I said, I’m not against child support.

Kailyn Lowry on Social Media

“If a man makes less than the mother, and they’re in a situation where they need it, and it’s warranted, OK fine. But he’s just being greedy.”

Lowry was considerably more outspoken in the recent preview.

While speaking on the phone with Jo, Kail remarked:

Kailyn Lowry and Vee Torres

“You are not doing this in the benefit of Isaac. I don’t really have anything to say to you so go f--k yourself!”

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Jo actually receives the same salary per episode as Kail -- he just appears in far fewer episodes.

Jo married Vee Torres last year, and interestingly, the feud between the exes doesn't seem to have affected Kail's friendship with Vee.

Torres promoted Lowry's hair care line on social media as recently as last week.

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