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Just two months after a lethal fish allergy nearly claimed her life, Bethenny Frankel is doing much better.

But concern trolls and body-shamers can’t let the Skinnygirl founder have a moment’s peace.

This time, Bethenny is preempting the thin-shamers and clapping back. Take a look:

Bethenny Frankel is in Charge
Photo via Bravo

This week, Bethenny Frankel enjoyed an ice cream sundae and even shared the treat with fans — well, she let them see it.

However, she already knew what haters and trolls were going to say — so she got one step ahead.

"Yeah I’m skinny," Bethenny, who founded a company called Skinnygirl, acknowledged.

"So tell me to eat a burger or that I’m gonna throw it up," she writes.

Clearly, she has heard countless such messages.

Her post concluded: "#f–koff."

Bethenny Frankel preemptively claps back at body-shamers

Body-shaming is body-shaming.

There’s no question that the overweight have it worse.

We’ve all read horror stories of larger passengers being viciously body-shamed on airplanes.

There are even stories of fully qualified applicants being denied employment or even housing because they are overweight.

(And if you haven’t read about those, you should; it is eye-opening)

But while the skinny may not face the same sort of oppression, there is no excuse for body-shaming them, either.

Bethenny Frankel is an Angel
Photo via Instagram

Bethenny Frankel is drop-dead gorgeous.

Even if someone thinks that she is "too skinny" and would look hotter if she put on some weight, that’s none of their business.

Other people don’t exist for your sexual gratification.

People claiming to be concerned about Bethenny’s health don’t have any business talking about he weight, either.

Concern-trolling is still trolling, and Bethenny’s health is no more anyone’s business than her appearance.

Like … just let people exist. It’s super easy.

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater
Photo via Instagram

Bethenny has real, actual problems in her life that give her a sense of perspective.

As we mentioned, she has a lifelong fish allergy that sent her to the hospital late last year.

The incident nearly killed her.

She says that she has expereinced reactions once or twice a year for most of her life, but most of them are mild swelling.

This time, the allergy nearly claimed her life. Horrifying.

Bethenny Frankel, Halloween 2018
Photo via Instagram

Bethenny has also dealt with what she describes as "torture" from her ex, Jason Hoppy.

She has had to go to court multiple times to deal with his alleged stalking and harassment.

According to her accusations, when he could not bombard her directly due to court orders, he harassed her friends instead.

So body-shamers and other trolls should take note.

Bethenny has dealt with worse than what they can dish out.

Bethenny Frankel: Life Is Not a Cabaret

As we saw in the Season 11 trailer for The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny has on-screen drama, too.

It looks like she flips out at one point on her friend, Luann.

Luann has been pouring herself into cabaret, and arguably using it as part of her sobriety journey.

Bethenny appears to feel that Luann went a little overboard.

Hey, sometimes it’s difficult to like things casually. We can understand Luann’s situation.

It’s sort of funny to hear Bethenny act like a villain in a musical.