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As this custody battle rages on, questions and topics have only become more brutal.

Bethenny Frankel has detailed the torture and torment she received at the hands of her ex, Jason Hoppy.

Now, Jason is firing back by forcing her to recount her sexual history for the court.

Bethenny Frankel Looks Sullen
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RadarOnline reports on the The Real Housewives of New York City star’s latest courtroom humiliation.

It went down on Tuesday, March 26.

Jason Hoppy’s attorney asked Bethenny a series of blunt, cruel questions about her sexual history in this widely publicized trial.

First, she was asked about how many boyfriends she has introduced to her now 8-year-old daughter, Bryn, since her split with Jason in 2012.

"Three…well," Bethenny answers before pausing. "Actually you have to define boyfriend."

She’s not trying to be technical, she’s just trying to answer honestly within the best of her ability.

Bethenny Frankel Grieves
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"How many men have you been romantically involved with?" Jason’s attorney asked.

"Define romantically," Bethenny asks.

It may sound like she’s being difficult or technical, but she needed to understand if he meant that literally — asking about her literally falling in love.

He was not asking literally, as he then bluntly clarifies.

Jason’s attorney rephrases: "How many men have you had sex with?"

"I think three," Bethenny states.

Bethenny Frankel Lays Down the Law
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Back in 2014, it was rumored that Bethenny was in a relationship with Warren Lichtenstein.

"He was at some point someone you had a sexual relationship with?" Jason’s attorney asks.

"Yes," Bethenny replies. "I have had sex with him."

No one likes divulging their sexual history in court, but it can be especially painful for celebrities whose divorces are widely reported.

She adds that she visited Warren in Aspen when Bryn was a baby, then hung out with him in an apartment when Bryn was older.

Bethenny Frankel on RHONY
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Bethenny also dated her financier, Michael Cerussi, from 2013 to 2015.

"I had read that Mac was expelled from college after a frat house rape," Jason’s attorney mentions.

"I don’t believe he was expelled," Bethenny replies. "And I believe it got dropped."

He was accused of sexual assault in 2000, and was never charged with a crime.

While false accusations of sexual assault are extremely rare, Bethenny obviously cannot and should not be held accountable for another man’s behavior.

Bethenny Frankel is in Charge
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Then the conversation moves to her late ex, Dennis Shields, who passed last year.

"Did Dennis have an opioid addiction?" Jason’s attorney asks heartlessly.

"I don’t know," Bethenny answers.

The attorney asks: "Did you ever see Dennis take opioids?"

"No," she replies.

The grilling continues with: "Did he ever tell you he was taking opioids?"

"No," she replies again.

She also confirmes that Dennis proposed to her while he was still, technically speaking, married. We all knew that.

Paul Bernon for Emily's List
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Bethenny also speaks of her boyfriend, Paul Bernon.

"So," Jason’s attorney accuses, she began dating him "less then a month after Dennis had died?"

"Maybe a month after," Bethenny acknowledges.

Bethenny adds that she introduced Paul to Bryn "maybe a couple months" later, and also that she had dated him briefly back in 2017.

Jason’s attorney observes that introducing Paul to Bryn so soon was a custody violation.

"Well, technically, yes," Bethenny confesses.

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater
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This agonizing custody battle will resume again in May.

Bethenny is seeking greater physical custody of her daughter, and wants ultimate decision-making authority.

She argues that Jason Hoppy’s years of cruel behavior amount to torture, bringing into question his judgment.

It is clear that she also wants for him to no longer be allowed to cut her off from contact with Bryn while he has custody.