The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Teresa Goes OFF!

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After a toxic season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Andy Cohen thought it would be a good idea to bring all of the ladies under one roof. 

Teresa Giudice, in particular, sparred with new housewife Jackie Goldschneider on multiple occasions, and it all came to a head during Wednesday's reunion episode. 

Teresa Giudice Attends RHONJ Reunion

"You are on the Teresa show," Teresa quipped.

"Anyone who goes against me, you see them here in this room anymore? No, they're not here anymore. I want you to come at me," Teresa snarled.

To be fair, Teresa made a great point. Everyone who goes toe-to-toe with her has a knack for disappearing. 

Teresa went on t brag about being a "New York Times bestselling author" as opposed to Jackie who was a "f***ing blogger."

Shot. Fired. 

Jackie Goldschneider Trashes Teresa Giudice

"You didn't even write your book," Jackie clapped back. "I met the ghostwriter. You didn't write a word of it."

A ghostwriter is someone who writes material for someone else who is the named author. So, we can understand why that hit Teresa right in the feels. 

"Really, b****? You wanna make a bet? Yes, I did. I was in jail – jail," Teresa screamed. She then picked up Cohen's notes and lobbed them at Jackie. 

The two ladies had been feuding the entire installment. 

Teresa felt like Jackie was jealous of her from the get-go, and got her phone out to show Jackie and her sons posing with her at a book signing. 

T. Giudice

"You want to be me. That's why you've been following me for 10 years," Teresa yelled, adding that she was nothing but a "stalker."

"You have zero that I aspire to be, Teresa," Jackie fired back, saying that she saw "about four people in line to get Teresa's book."

"I was a fan of the show, and I wanted to meet Teresa. So I took the picture with the kids," she confirmed.

"Are you making fun of people who come to your s***ty appearances?" quizzed Jackie.

"Don't come to her appearances anymore because she thinks that you're stupid."

Teresa Giudice at Jingle Ball

"Did you eat today? Are you hungry? You look like your hungry," Teresa said under her breath, clearly taking aim at Jackie being open about suffering from eating disorders. 

Mellisa Gorga chimed in calling Teresa a "mega-bully" while Jennifer Aydin added the following:

"I think she means thirsty."

"I lose brain cells talking to you," Jackie laughed.

Jennifer Aydin Complains

"I think she likes to bully people," Jackie said. "I think that she tries to scare people. As she alluded to throughout the years of the show, 'Talk to me like that, you don't come back.'"

"I think there's people on Team Teresa and they're just going to do whatever they have to do and whatever they have to say to make Teresa happy. And badmouthing me makes Teresa happy, so they do it," she continued.

Melissa wanted Teresa to know that her actions were way out of line. 

"I'm not going to even talk to her anymore," Teresa said of her sister-in-law. "Don't talk to me. Don't f***ing talk to me."

"Thank you, Jesus," Melissa said.

Elsewhere, the episode teased the hell out of a scene with Teresa seemingly confirming her divorce from embattled husband, Joe Giudice.  

But that was all we got, with the rest teased to come in the next two episodes. 

Okay then. 

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey

But there was another big fight on the night. Jennifer and Margaret continued to hurl insults at each other. 

Jennifer felt Margaret should have stayed quiet about cheating on her husband. 

"To me, that's something you take to the grave, you don't put that on blast," the new housewife said. 

"It's a tale as old as time," Margaret said. "Joe and I were meant to be together, and I was married to someone else."

Margaret went on to say that her affair went on for 18 months before she revealed all. 

Jennifer did try to make up for calling Marge Sr. an "adulterer."

Margaret Josephs

"I'm not gonna feel pity for a woman who was a homewrecker; I'm not," she added.

"Oh. My mother's a homewrecker now," said Margaret with a laugh. 

What are your thoughts on all the action?

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RHONJ continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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