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This explosive feud between Offset and Chris Brown started over a 21 Savage meme.

Now, it’s personal, and Offset is calling out Chris for his appalling record of domestic violence.

Chris is hitting back — to no one’s surprise — by calling Offset a coward and exposing his DMs for the world to see.

Offset on Video
Photo via Instagram

"I ain’t really have too much rap for you on this social media s–t," Offset wrote on Instagram.

"But since that’s where you wanna take it," the Migos rapper continued. "Tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the s–t!"

He’s exposing Chris for trying to have his management quietly quash their feud.

"Check my record and check yours," Offset accused. "Only people you go to toe to toe with is women that’s for lame nikkas "

Lame barely begins to describe the evil of domestic violence.

"Oh and btw," Offset concluded. "Ima smack the shit out you when I see you"

Offset slams Chris Brown domestic violence record on IG

Chris Brown published his DMs from Offset in retaliation, as captured by The Shade Room.

Offset DMed Chris, using shorthand to ask "Where you at."

"I’m in LA," Chris replied. "I’ll be home at 4 … like I said before."

"I’m wit all a dat," Chris continued. "You can run me my fade today, no cap!"

To run a fade means to fight at a scheduled time and place.

Again using shorthand, Offset asks for Chris’ address.

Chris Brown exposes Offset DMs via TSR

"You know where I stay!!!" Chris insists. "Google Maps! My address ain’t no secret spot."

"I’ll be there at 4," Chris says, attempting to make it sound like he is eager for this confrontation.

"Police," Offset replies, clearly shaming Chris, and using a police emoji.

"Naw, that’s ya’ll," Chris fires back. "Ya’ll police."

Offset on a Red Carpet
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"Not comin’ to your house when I see you know it’s up," Offset writes, clearly refusing Chris’ bait.

"Boy, you’re p–sy as hell," Chris accuses. "You’re scared to fight?"

"Stop DMing me," Offset writes. "This police right here, bro."

"I’m a grown man," Chris Brown insists. "You’re a little boy. I’ll be home at 4."

Chris then sets some conditions: "No opp s–t, cameras, police, none of that s–t."

"I’m just going to beat you the f–k up," Chris vows.

Chris Brown Screams
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"MY ADDRESS," Chris continues. "Please [show] up. I pray you come."

Offset replies: "12."

Chris fires back: "Boy, run me my fade. Stop acting p–sy."

It’s unclear if Chris really hopes to goad Offset into showing up for the confrontation.

It may be that, at this point, he had decided that he would reveal the messages, and decided to go all in to "impress" his fans.

Chris Brown is a Dancer
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While there are plenty of people who would risk their own safety to give Chris Brown a taste of what he deserves, Offset … should not.

Not only is he a person with his own well-being to consider, but he’s also a father.

We have all seen the photos of the kind of violence that Chris can inflict upon a person.

By exposing his DMs with Offset, Chris hopes to shame Offset for not making good on his threats, even though it was the sensible choice.

In the world of rap, a man’s perceived willingness to fight is sometimes linked with his reputation for authenticity.

In other words, when Chris shared these DMs, he went for the jugular.