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The current season of Celebrity Big Brother features a wide array of public figures ranging from the douchey (Kato Kaelin) to the mega-douchey (Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci).

(Shout out to Ricky Williams and Tom Green, the only non-douches sharing a roof with the Mooch).

Dina Lohan on Big Brother

But in terms of delusional behavior that makes us wonder if we should be laughing or recommending the services of a mental health professional, no one tops Dina Lohan.

You might remember Dina as She Who Brought Forth the Hellspawn more commonly known as Lindsay Lohan.

There was a time when Dina was the ultimate stage mom, and Lindsay was signing seven-figure deals left and right.

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These days, of course, Lindsay is running a brothel in Greece, which leaves her loved ones to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, this is like letting a housecat loose in the wild after a couple decades indoors.

You see, the Lohans only have two methods of procuring resources:

They can finagle a role on a low-rated reality show, or they can try to extort other members of the family.

With her expensive taste in both jewelry and mind-altering powders, it should come as no surprise that Dina is pursuing both strategies.

She’s quickly become a fan favorite on Big Brother, largely thanks to her insane proclamations about her imaginary boyfriend.

Far from content with her CBB paycheck, however, Dina has been using her new platform to go after her ex-husband, claiming that Michael Lohan still owes her incredible amounts of cash.

In a recent interview with The Blast, Michael addressed those claims as only he can:

“With regard to money, I bought her house,” he explained.

“When we divorced I gave her the house for the kids … I have it all to her for the kids but it came back to bite her in the ass because she kept the kids from me.”

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Michael doubled-down on those comments by claiming that he still supports Dina financially, years after their divorce.

“Whenever there’s a problem, she calls me.”

He also claims Dina still owes him a six-figure sum from a previous court settlement.

“I still have a $100,000 judgment on her and I never pursued it because she’s so broke,” Michael claims.

Michael Lohan Really Sucks!
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“But after this, the network and production company will be getting a call from my lawyers. If she keeps up the antics.”

Of course, this is still Michael Lohan we’re talking about, so take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Especially that part about donating six figures to charity.