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Dina Lohan is totally in love.

She’s been in a steady relationship for five years, the trainwreck of a mother said this week on Celebrity Big Brother, and she thinks she’s gonna marry her partner someday.

How exciting, right?!?

Dina Lohan on Big Brother

Here’s the thing, though:

Lohan has never met this person.

“I can’t wait to tell you about this guy,” Lindsay’s often-troubled mother told fellow cast member Kandi Burruss on Thursday, February 7, adding:

“I’ve been talking to him for five years. Like, every day. A lot. I feel like I know him. You know when you talk to someone on the phone, like you feel like you know them?”

Sure. Makes sense. You can definitely bond with someone over the phone.

Dina went on to explain that she lives in New York, but her “special someone resides” in San Francisco.

“It’s personal,” she continued. “He’s real. I swear, it’s crazy. But I’m going to marry him. It’s really, really true. I talk to his ma!”

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Burruss, Tamar Braxton and Natalie Eva Marie were skeptical, however.

It didn’t help that Dina said she’s never even FaceTimed with this unnamed individual.

These co-stars even offered to take a trip to the Bay Area in order for Dina to meet this mystery man.

“It’s real!” she insisted. “Some guys don’t just use iPhones!”

“Lies! It’s 2019. My mom is 71 and she uses [FaceTime],” Braxton told Dina, prior to joking about the situation in the diary room.

“How come Lindsay Lohan’s mom got a Catfish?” she asked the camera. “Everybody FaceTimes, my 5-year-old son FaceTimes.”

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Dina is a main cast member on this season of Celebrity Big Brother, despite not exactly being a celebrity of any kind.

She was previously married to Michael Lohan from 1985 to 2007.

In addition to daughter Lindsay, who now anchors her own awful reality show, the exes share sons Michael Jr., 31, Cody, 22, and daughter Aliana, 25.

Despite some seriously tumultuous times in the past with her parents and, specifically her mom, Lindsay said a year ago that the relationship is now solid.

“I think that, you know, in life, parents have their things together and sometimes the children are immersed in it and you just have to really step back and let your parents do what they do and figure out everything for themselves,” Lindsay told Wendy Williams in January 2018, adding at the time:

“And we all have a great relationship now so it’s nice . . . it’s much simpler that way.”

This past September, meanwhile, the momager filed for bankruptcy in the Eastern District of New York under Chapter 13, which is a “voluntary repayment plan for individuals with regular income,” based on documents obtained by The Blast.

No wonder she agreed to be on Big Brother, right?

Lohan reported that she was more than $1,700,000 in debt, with more than $1 million owed to Pennymac Loan Services for the mortgage on her home in N. Merrick, New York.


Celebrity Big Brother airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. It’s an extremely dumb show.