Leida Margaretha, 90 Day Fiance Star, Granted Restraining Order Against Stepdaughter

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The drama between Leida Margaretha and her husband's daughter has reached a new high.

Or perhaps a new low, depending on how you view it.

All we know for certain is this: it's reached the legal system for certain.

Leida Margaretha, Husband

On Friday, Leida came face-to-face in a Wisconsin courtroom with Tasha, the 19-year old daughter of her husband, Eric.

According to Leida's attorney, Tasha was subsequently ordered to stay away from Leida not just physically, but even virtually as well.

This is to say, Tasha cannot say anything on social media that antagonizes the 90 Day Fiance star, who made her polarizing presence felt on many occasions during this past season of the Lifetime program.

The injunction is in place for the next four years -- but it does not apply to Eric, who can see his daughter whenever he chooses to do so.

Leida’s VERY tumultuous relationship with her stepdaughter was documented throughout season 6 of 90 Day Fiance.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha, First County Fair

For one thing, Tasha actually lived with her dad until Leida threatened to leave Eric unless he gave the teenager the boot.

As you might expect, this move angered Tasha greatly, considering her dad got engaged to the Leida just two days after meeting her.

Tasha later revealed that she has not spoken to her father since he chose basically a stranger over his own flesh and blood.

“I can fake a smile. I can fake being friendly. But you know what I can’t fake? I can’t fake the years, heartbreak, and anxiety attacks,” Tasha wrote on her Instagram Story in January.

She added at the time:

“I can’t fake keeping people up at night because I’m so hurt I’m physically SCREAMING as the tears stream down my face.

"I can’t fake going to the hospital for stressing myself so sick and being so depressed I stopped eating for almost two weeks.

"I can’t fake ripping my hair out and punching my desk because I don’t get what I did to deserve this. So please. NONE of you know anything.

"So stop acting like you do.”

Leida Margaretha on 90 Day Fiance

Last month, Leida tried to extend an olive branch to Tasha, but she went about it in immature fashion, having Eric read a statement on Instagram Live that said “please reach Tasha, tell her you love her.

"Tell her I care about her. Tell her I am sorry … I am sorry for what I’ve done to her."

This didn't exactly succeed in smoothing things over, however.

Elsewhere, the relationship between Eric and Leida, has been rocky and ugly from the start as well.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Everyone pretty much hates these two, although some critics have very clearly crossed a line.

In an Instagram video shared this past December, the newlyweds said they were quitting 90 Day Fiance because they had allegedly received death treats.

Just a few weeks later, police responded to the pair’s home after Leida claimed Eric pulled her hair “really hard” and “grabbed a knife.”

For his part, the former marine claimed that he was trying to “wrestle [the] knife from” his wife because she was threatening self-harm.

Click below for more on this incident:

We're not about to take sides here, but Leida has admitted in the recent past to struggling with her mental health.

"I’m getting [too] emotional because my family keeps saying I’m crazy,” she said at one point, adding:

“I’m crazy and I’m not supposed to get anxiety and I’m not supposed to get depression. I just can’t win them all. We are [sic] all need to do a public apology. And I still need to do the counseling."

Tasha Shrugs on 90 Day Fiance

In this same social media post, she said the following about her stepdaughter, who is pictured above.

“Tasha and I [are] supposed to be a best friend [sic] because we have so many things in common. She needs to realize that. We both can help each other.

"I just want Tasha to stop living in denial. Back to reality. All those people use her story to tear us apart. Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”

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