Larissa Lima Served With Divorce Papers, Accused of Buying Followers

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The day after their final, explosive fight, Colt Johnson filed to divorce Larissa Lima. Now, the divorce has taken an important next step.

The toxic pair of 90 Day Fiance villains are now taking shots at each other on social media.

But that doesn't changed that Larissa has been served with papers. What's next?

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception

According to The Blast, Colt isn't wasting any time when it comes to ending things with Larissa.

As we previously reported, he filed for divorce on January 11, the day after his scary fight with Larissa that left her face smeared in blood.

Now we are learning that he has already hired a process server.

That server has apparently tracked down Larissa and served her with divorce papers.

It wasn't so long ago that the head of 90 Day Fiance's production company was boasting about how few divorces the series sees.

Clearly, Season 6 has changed those statistics.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson Wedding Photo

In the mean time, internet sleuths think that they know that Larissa is doing with her funds.

As you may recall, Larissa created a GoFundMe after her violent split from Colt.

She is not yet legally allowed to work in the United States, so without Colt, she was penniless in a foreign city.

Fans sent her over $5,000, and Larissa said that this would go towards legal fees and supporting herself.

Some havea ccused her of partying with the donated cash, though she says that she has done no such thing.

Now, internet sleuths believe that Larissa has put some of that money towards purchasing Instagram followers.

She does, at present, have nearly 200,000 Instagram followers.

Colt Johnson Shrugs

In the mean time, Colt appears to be keeping an eye on internet rumors.

On his Instagram page, which has under 40,000 followers, Colt shared this awkward photo of him shrugging.

In the unbelievable caption, he appears to refer to both the follower-buying rumors and to his own debilitatingly expensive porn habit.

"Was thinking about buying some followers," Coltee captions. "But porn isn’t gonna pay for itself."

We're not making this up. Here is a screenshot of his captions:

Colt Johnson expensive porn IG caption joke

90 Day Fiance fans will recall that the couple's January 10 fight was sparked by Colt's spending habits.

Larissa shared with fans and followers evidence that Colt had purchased porn.

He not only pays for porn, but it appears that he spent sixty entire dollars on a single video.

(We should note that a woman claiming to be Colt's ex claimed last year that he is a sex addict)

While we have no issue with paying sex workers for their labor, Colt doesn't have air conditioning in his car -- and he lives in Vegas.

It seems clear that his priorities are out of whack.

Clearly, he feels comfortable poking fun at himself for this instead of seeking help for what sounds like a tremendously expensive habit.

Larissa Lima doesn't know Colt on IG

On Larissa's side of things, she is shading Colt through the use of a classic but still very good meme.

A fan asked Larissa on instagram: "Do you miss Colt? ... Honestly?"

Larissa channeled Mariah Carey herself for her answer.

"I don't know him," the tweaked text of the classic I don't know her meme reads.

Famously, this meme has been used to insult people by suggesting that they are beneath notice.

Colt and Larissa on Instagram

Is Larissa buying followers?

No offense to the cyber-sleuths on Reddit, but we're not so sure.

Larissa is a hot mess, and people like to follow hot messes.

She has also, more than once, made her Instagram page private -- which is an effective tactic to strong-arm people into following her if they want updates.

Finally, though Larissa was perhaps the most talked-about star on Season 6, she doesn't even have the most followers.

Just look at Fernanda, who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

(It's no mystery why people follow Fernanda -- she is stunningly, almost shockingly, beautiful)

Colt Johnson Selfie

Our advice to Larissa is to focus her efforts on her divorce and on not getting deported.

If her friend Carmen was telling the truth, that Larissa has sent her photos of injuries inflicted by Colt, those could help her.

(If you come to the US on a K-1 visa but are abused, you can avoid deportation upon divorce; this is to keep abusers from using deportation as leverage)

Larissa's three arrests are not going to work in her favor.

Our advice to Colt is to maybe seek help about his expensive porn habit and about whatever personality factors "compelled" him to cheat last year.

Whatever you think of Larissa or of Colt, they do not belong together.

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