The Walking Dead Recap: A Dangerous New Enemy Arrives at The Hilltop

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was all about filling in the blanks. 

With Lydia in captivity, all everyone wanted to know was how she became a Whisperer. 

Her story was chilling, but she was happy to tell Henry all about it. 

The Hilltop in Peril

We started things off by taking a trip to Day 23 of the end of the world. 

Lydia was a young girl, and her parents were all over the place as they tried to keep everyone safe. 

Her father was described as someone who was not to be messed with, while her mother was supposedly a good person. 

Henry opened up about Carol being a badass mother, and it seemed like they were comparing how many kills their parents had at one point. 

Small talk during the apocalypse is such a drag, folks!

The Birth of a Demon

Henry continued to try to get closer to Lydia and even went as far as offering her some of the food he was given for breakfast. 

“Hunger’s a gift,” the villain shrugged as she declined the food. 

Henry wasted no time in revealing all about himself, and that his life was messed up when his father and brother were found.  

“You think I’m messed up?” asked Lydia without any semblance of humor. 

We then learned the true extent of the issues with Lydia's father. 

He wanted to risk his daughter's life in an attempt to make his way out of the basement they were holed up in. 

Lydia's mother was against the idea, but the father was all about asserting his power.

“The world’s over. I’m doing what I want now,” the dude complained. 

The Lead Whisperer

Henry almost gave away too much information about The Kingdom, but Daryl showed up in the nick of time to scold him. 

When Henry returned, Lydia was still wanting to talk about their lives at the start of the apocalypse. 

We were told the tale of Lydia's mother's first kill, and it was a man who was being loud in the basement they were all hiding in. 

"You are weak and pathetic, and there is no room for you here, so shut your mouth… Do you hear me?” the mother complained before the big kill. 

Lydia did try to attack Daryl when he attempted to give her some water. In the end, it took a plan between Henry and Daryl to win Lydia's trust. 

The Whisperers Arrive

In the dead of night, Henry took Lydia on a tour of the compound. Lydia geared up to kill Henry at one point, but she ultimately realized that he was being nice to her. 

Lydia stressed that her mother would not look for her because they just move on when one person goes missing. 

However, things took a wild turn in the final few minutes when a group of whisperers marched to the gates of the Hilltop. 

“I am Alpha,” she said as they reached the gate. “And we only want one thing from you: my daughter.”


The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC. 

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