Joy-Anna Duggar: Did She REALLY Skip Her Son's Birthday?!

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From the moment Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, the relationship has been mired in controversy.

In fact, the scandalous scrutiny began well before the wedding, as it was widely rumored that Joy-Anna had gotten pregnant prior to tying the knot -- a major no-no under the Duggars' ultra-conservative belief system.

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar on Guy Fawkes Day

The controversy has only continued in the years since Joy and Austin tied the knot.

Based on Joy's social media posts, fans have alleged that she and Austin are living in a trailer despite the fact that they're now raising a child and hoping to welcome a second soon.

They argue that she and Austin are both too young (Joy was just 19 when she welcomed baby Gideon.) and immature and financially unstable for the burdens of parenthood.

Joy With Austin

And Joy's latest Instagram activity has given the haters plenty of fodder.

Over the weekend, she posted the above pic of herself with Austin on the couple's joint account.

“Getting to spend the weekend with my favorite person! Just the two of us!" she captioned the pic, adding:

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth, and Baby Gideon on Thanksgiving 2018

"(Austin’s parents are watching Gideon for us!) #refreshingtime #dateyourspouse #weekendgetaway #livingunitedcouplesretreat @livingunitedcouples"

Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, as many fans were quick to point out, Gideon's first birthday was on Saturday, February 23.

Gideon Forsyth

If Joy and Austin were preparing to spend the weekend together on Friday, then it stands to reason they would miss their little guy's big day.

Fans generally don't allow the Duggars much leeway on this sort of thing, so it's not surprising that they roasted Joy for being absent for her son;'s birthday.

Fortunately, Joy's sister Jessa was quick to clap back at the haters on her behalf:

Joy-Anna Duggar, Family

"All these people acting like you wouldn’t remember it’s the one-year anniversary of the most physically exhausting and simultaneously most joyous day of your life. Really??” Jessa wrote.

“Girl, I know y’all are heading back to celebrate Gideon’s bday, but seriously, even if you did stay away one more day it’s not like he’d know you were celebrating late,” she continued. 

Yes, it seems Joy and Austin were back in plenty of time to celebrate Gideon's birthday.

Joy-Anna Duggar Short Skirt

(So that must have been one seriously short weekend getaway.)

Joy was quick to clear the air with a comment of her own, writing:

“FYI … we’ve gotten to spend a couple of days away and will be able to celebrate Gideon’s first birthday with him when we get home this evening."

So there you have it -- now you can get back to roasting thew Forsyths for the fact that they might still live in a trailer park. Priorities, people!

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