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From the time Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s expecting her first child, fans have suspected that she’s not being entirely honest.

About the date of her conception, that is.

Austin, Joy Forsyth

According to her timeline, the 20-year-old Joy-Anna got pregnant just days after she married Austin Forsyth back on May 26.

She wouldn’t be the first in her family.

Many are convinced, however, that Joy got pregnant before saying "I do" and has gone to great lengths to conceal that fact.

There are several reasons for these Joy-Anna "shotgun wedding" rumors, not the least of which is an undeniable scheduling move: 

Joy and Austin moved their wedding date up by several months, and repeatedly dodged questions about why they made that decision.

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The conception date theorists were further encouraged during the first months of Joy’s pregnancy when she kept a low profile since.

Joy-Anna refused to follow in the footsteps of her sisters, who posted frequent updates and selfies during their pregnancies.

The assumption was that she put out as little information as possible so fans wouldn’t realize she was further along than she claimed.

But now – spoiler alert! – it’s looking more and more like Joy was being truthful about getting pregnant on her honeymoon all along.

We’re zeroing in on March, after all.

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Is it possible she decided to keep a low profile for the simple reason that she’s under no obligation to fans to update them?

On anything she doesn’t want to share, let alone every single aspect of her life, as some followers have come to expect?

What a concept, we know. But Joy did post the above photo earlier this week after attending a car auction with Austin.

"Well, we didn’t end up buying anything today, but it’s always fun going to the auto auction! #9daystillduedate," she captioned the pic.

As usual, fans went nuts over this.

Joy, Austin

Analyzing her baby bump has been a parlor game among card-carrying members of Duggar Nation as it is, buy this upped the ante.

"Such a big bump. Must be more than one," wrote one follower.

"I’m thinking twins … wow," another follower commented.

"She’s popping out twins end of story," remarked a third.

Yes, Duggar obsessives have changed course, and the new theory about Joy’s uterus and larger-than-expected bump is that:

She’s carrying twins! Obviously, right?!

You learn something every day in life.

To think that all this time, all these years, we had no idea that every anonymous Instagram commenter is a medical professional!

In our minds, the most interesting part of this post is the caption, as Joy discusses the specifics of her due date for the first time in awhile.

Now it looks like she’ll be welcoming a bundle of joy before the month is through, and as a bonus, she’ll get to prove the haters wrong!

A win-win!

What do you think? Will Joy prove the critics wrong by giving birth to a beautiful baby right on the timetable she always stated?

Quite possible. Even probable. But will that quell the obsession with Joy breaking the courtship rules and other controversies?

That’s a different story entirely.

UPDATE: Joy-Anna has delivered a bouncing baby boy!

Click the link for all the details about Joy and Austin’s first born!