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By now you’ve probably heard the shocking news:

Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian yet again this week.

Jordyn Woods Photo
Photo via Getty Images for AHA

Of course, that in itself is not terribly surprising.

After all, Tristan has been busted cheating on his most recent baby mama multiple times in the past, and many predicted he would do so again.

No, what’s really shocking about this latest case is the fact that Tristan cheated with Jordyn Woods, longtime BFF of Khloe’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving
Photo via Instagram

Understandably, the members of the Kard clan were shocked by word of Jordyn’s betrayal:

"When they first started hearing on Monday that Tristan made out with Jordyn, no one really believed it,” a source close to the situation tells People magazine.

“That Tristan would be inappropriate, yes everyone knows that he can’t behave, but that Jordyn would make out with him, it first seemed like a made up rumor.”

Jordyn Woods, Photographed by Kylie Jenner
Photo via Instagram

Not wanting to jump to any conclusions or cut Woods off without proper cause, the Kardashians proceeded to put in some detective work.

"It wasn’t anything they wanted to drop,” the source adds.

“So several family members reached out to people they believed had been at the party. And they were told it was true.”

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great
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Obviously, Khloe is the real victim in all of this.

But Jordyn is about to suffer some consequences that will likely change the course of her life.

"It’s all mess now. Everyone considered Jordyn family," says the insider.

"She was like a family member and always invited everywhere.

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner, and Stormi Webster
Photo via Instagram

"The family helped her and wanted her to be able to have a business venture too.”

Jordyn was living with Kylie at the time of her betrayal.

Jenner has since kicked Woods out, and the 21-year-old has reportedly moved back in with her mother.

But the change in living arrangement is just the beginning of Jordyn’s troubles:

Jordyn Woods Picture
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“Jordyn has been like Kylie’s sister. They were inseparable, and always together,” the source says.

“Jordyn often helped Kylie with Stormi. Kylie was always so excited to have Jordyn around. It seems Kylie isn’t sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around.”

Insiders say Kylie is just as furious as Khloe and feels just as betrayed.

Kylie and Jordyn
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And when you betray a billionaire — there’s usually a price to be paid.

“Life won’t be easy for Jordyn if the girls close their doors. And this doesn’t seem like the kind of betrayal that can be forgiven.”

“The whole family is furious,” the source added. “They were blindsided.”