Jill Duggar Scolded for Bad Parenting: Is She Risking Her Son's Life?!

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If you check in on the Duggars, even every once in a very long while, then you probably know that they have crazy, crazy fans, and also a whole bunch of haters.

They're very polarizing, those wild and crazy Duggars.

Jill Duggar Modeling

The people that love them love them because they think they're very wholesome, a nice Christian family in a sea of depraved reality stars.

The people that hate them hate them because they can be very bigoted and judgemental.

Also that whole thing about Josh being a child molester.

Of course some family members are more gossiped about than others, and the bulk of the public's attention goes to the kids that have grown up and are making families on their own.

Jill Duggar with Son

And out of those people, it's probably safe to say that Jill gets the most criticism.

(Well, besides Josh for the aforementioned molesting.)

We're not sure why she gets as much hate as she does, but if we had to guess, we'd probably say it has something to do with her decision to marry Derick Dillard.

Who, by the way, is the worst.

Jill and Derick Posing

After Josh.

Derick is very vocal about his bigotry, and very aggressive about it, too.

Like, nobody else has been fired from Counting On because they just couldn't shut their big hateful mouths.

On top of that, there's the way Derick and Jill have continually asked their fans for money to fund their mission trips, even though you'd think that being reality stars would pay well enough to fly to Central America.

Then there are the smaller things, all those weird little posts they make on social media, that kind of thing.

Jill and Derick Selfie

For example, Derick recently quoted a bible verse on Twitter and linked it to his kids, effectively saying that his own children are curses.

It's all bad. Just so bad.

And Jill's latest Instagram post?

Well, that's bad too.

Sick Israel

"Israel woke me up this morning saying he was about to throw up!" she wrote.

"We made it to the toilet before [vomit emoji], then it was [bath emoji] time and back to bed."

"No more loss of fluids for a couple hrs now," she added, "so it's popsicle, goldfish, jello and [TV emoji] time!"

She also explained that "Growing up we got popsicles as rewards, or when there was throw-up or blood ... we do this in our house now too."

Sick Israel with Samuel

So what did people find to pick apart about these photos and her caption?


"Only you would think that taking a photo of a sick child is insta worthy," one person commented. "And feeding him sugar water on a sick stomach, rather than camomile tea and dry bread!"

Another person had a similar thought with "If you give him sugar he will stay sick longer."

Some people didn't have a problem with her food choices, but they did have a problem with the things that she wrote.

Jill Duggar Wears Clothes

"I'm not trying to be rude," one of those people tole her. "It's just not necessary to share all the gross details!"

But the bulk of the negative comments were about the photo of Samuel sitting right next to Israel.

"Why would you put Samuel with your sick kid?" one of her followers asked. "Idiot of a mother much?"

Another comment read "Get ready for Sam to have it since you are letting them lay around together. Keep them away from each other. #parenting101."

Jill Duggar and Her Pale Children

Because, as yet another hater explained, "She's just asking for Sam to be sick. And he's a baby. Could be a million times worse for him."

So the popsicle thing is fine, right? Tons of parents give their kids popsicles when they're sick to kee them hydrated.

And the oversharing, well, that's just to be expected on Instagram.

The last point is kind of tricky, because of course ideally Jill would keep Israel away from Samuel so he wouldn't get sick too, but that's easier said than done.

Does she deserve the hate for this?

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