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Blac Soulja was short lived to say the least. 

And we are not at all shocked. 

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Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna have called it quits after their brief two-week relationship

The model and rapper first began dating earlier this month when the “Crank That” emcee shared a picture of them holding hands and sharing affection. 

They apparently slid into each other’s DM’s on Instagram a few days prior and finally met up at Sean Kingston’s Los Angeles penthouse. 

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According to TMZ, the reason the two even started their erratic relationship in the first place was to get revenge on Chyna’s ex Tyga, who also has beef with Soulja. 

And it seems their romance took a sharp turn after having a huge argument over the “Taste” rapper.

The two reportedly began bickering about their intentions before coming to the realization that they weren’t on the same page about their future. 

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Chyna felt “he wasn’t ready to commit.”

Let me remind you that the 30-year-old mom was in a relationship with some rapper named Kid Buu literally days before starting her new relationship with Soulja.

They, fortunately, ended their childish fling after getting into a physical altercation while on a trip to Hawaii.

The police were called but no files were charged.

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It hasn’t been a great start to 2019 for Chyna, who also shares daughter Dream with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian – who understandably thinks she is an “unfit mother”.

Especially after the wild stunt she pulled in Hawaii.

Rob will most likely win full custody of Dream due to Chyna’s recurring partying habits and desperate need for a man’s attention. 

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Earlier on Thursday, Soulja took to Twitter to confirm the recent split by retweeting the TMZ article.

“I just wanted to see what the p–sy felt like,” he wrote in a since-deleted message. 

He later apologized for his hilarious, yet offensive words writing “My apologies to Blac Chyna and my fans for the previous tweet.”

“Blac Chyna and I have a mutual friendship nothing more nothing less.”

But a week prior he confirmed their relationship informing his fans he’s “in love.” 

For Valentine’s Day, SB and BC went on a shopping date at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills where he reportedly spent $20,000 on gifts.  

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he wrote on Instagram in another since-deleted post. 

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Soulja still has one photo of the two on his Instagram at a 2019 Grammys after-party which is captioned “DrakoChyna Grammy Party Celebration.”

The former couple also reportedly got mani-pedis together. 

It sounds like Chyna and Soulja made the most of their couple weeks together!  

And only (short) time will tell who her next lover will be.