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Remember the report about Blac Chyna ditching her daughter for her boyfriend when it was her turn to have custody?

She has been partying with Kid Buu in Hawaii. But that party has come to a violent end.

Apparently, the two got into a serious fight, resulting in police and paramedics being called to the scene. Yikes.

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TMZ reports that Blac Chyna and Kid Buu got into a violent fight on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation.

It is said to have started at about 5am at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Honolulu on Monday morning.

The two of them engaged in a heated argument.

It apparently began with Chyna accusing Buu of infidelity.

Just before 7am, TMZ is informed, the verbal argument became a violent confrontation.

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According to the sources who spoke to the tabloid, both parties participated in the violence.

Kid Buu allegedly slammed Blac Chyna against the wall more than once.

He is also said to have choked her during the fight.

Chyna is said to have scratched him.

TMZ does not say who was the first of them to inflict violence upon the other.

That may or may not be a significant factor for the two of them.

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Someone, though it is unclear who, dialed 911.

Both police and paramedics arrived at the scene.

It’s always good to have paramedics arrive to treat both obvious injuries and non-obvious ones.

(For example, someone who is slammed into a wall repeatedly may have a concussion and not realize it)

Chyna was apparently not taken to the hospital.

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Kid Buu departed the hotel and posted an angry, some would say menacing video on social media.

"Don’t f–k with me," he warns in Spanish.

I’m a grown man," Kid Buu asserts.

It’s true — despite his name and despite looking like an extra from a The Purge film, the guy is 30 years old.

He then says a homophobic slur that even those of us who haven’t taken a Spanish class since the aughts can recognize.


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All of this went down on Monday.

On Sunday, their social media activity portrayed a very different dynamic.

Kid Buu was happily dancing, and Chyna was grinding on him.

(Truth be told, it was much more like humping, which is fine but … these are both 30-year-olds acting 15)

Whatever you think of all of that very public PDA, it’s at least better than what sounds like a very brutal fight.

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Blac Chyna has been in physical confrontations before.

Rob Kardashian has accused her of domestic violence during their relationship.

Chyna accused Rob of the same against her during their time together.

Additionally, about a year ago, Chyna was filmed apparently trying to attack a woman using her own daughter’s stroller.

Dream was not in the stroller at the time, and it is unclear if she witnessed the heated confrontation.

No matter how angry you get, please do not attack people — whether they’re your significant other or just someone else at a theme park.

That said, we do not know if Chyna initiated the violence, defended herself, or what the sequence of events may be.