Ariel Winter Bares All In Revealing New Photoshoot

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Ariel Winter rose to fame playing Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, which is currently in its 47th season on ABC.

(We kid, of course, but seriously -- remember when shows used to end?)

Ariel Winter, Makeup-Free Selfie

Anyway, in the several decades since the show premiered, Ariel has managed to eclipse the series and escape the curse of the washed-up child star.

That's partially due to her work in a wide array of film and television projects.

And of course, Ariel's candid comments about her difficult childhood and her decision to undergo breast reduction surgery have endeared her to millions who have faced similar struggles.

Ariel Winter Flaunts Cleavage on Instagram

But if we're being completely honest, the real reason that Ariel has so flawlessly made the leap from ensemble actor to breakout star is her social media presence.

Yes, that's a euphemistic way of saying people really seem to enjoy Ariel Winter bikini photos -- but she owes her popularity to much more than just her racy selfies.

Ariel is unashamed to bare all in much more important ways than showing off her figure.

Ariel Winter Pulse Spikes Cover

Take her cover shoot for the new issue of Pulse Spikes magazine.

The extreme close-up image features an unretouched Ariel sporting minimal makeup.

The intention, of course, is to highlight not only Ariel's natural beauty, but also her bravery.

Ariel Winter in a Lovely Black Dress

Inside the mag, fans will find an interview that's every bit as revealing as the photo.

“It was definitely more of a difficult process for me,” says the actress, who turned 21 last week.

“It is just something you think about like, ‘Oh, well I am going to be photographed in this setting. Oh no, what if I look weird? I got a pimple today!’ But it was nice to be able to do that.”

Ariel Winter in Latex

Ariel says she struggled with her self-image for years, and her anxiety was exacerbated by growing up in the spotlight.

She says it's only in recent years that she came to the realization that obsessing over the perceptions of others is a sure path to chronic anxiety.

“I realized that it didn’t matter… the only person that matters is me because I am the only one who has to live with me,” she tells Pulse Spikes.

Ariel Winter Flaunts Cleavage for Days

“Taking time to think about that and understand what is going on and why you feel that way, instead of brushing it aside, is important. Why live hating yourself when there is no real reason to?”

The interview serves as a reminder that its Ariel's forthright demeanor more than her famous figure that's made her a household name.

That said, she'd probably leave a few million fans disappointed if she stopped documenting her trips to the beach. 

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