Kathryn Dennis: ENGAGED to Hunter Price?!

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In January, Kathryn Dennis confirmed that she's dating Hunter Price.

The reality star and the Country singer went Instagram official with a cozy photo.

Now, beneath that same photo, they are both dropping major hints that they are engaged. Take a look:

Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price

Kathryn Dennis shared this cozy photo with her fans and followers during the second half of January.

She captioned the pic of her with Hunter Price with a very simple black heart emoji.

What is now catching the eye of her fans is the captioned comment that Hunter left for her.

Hunter commented with a smirking emoji, a diamond engagement ring emoji, a red rose emoji, and his own black heart emoji.

As you can imagine, it was the diamond engagement ring emoji that caught people's eye.

The other thing that fans noticed was Kathryn's response.

Kathryn Dennis engaged to Hunter Price? IG

The Southern Charm star replied to Hunter's comment with a new string of emojis.

She then replied with a 100 emoji (meaning essentially that it's honest, confirmed, or real), a red heart emoji, and a content face surrounded by love.

Emojis aren't the same as words, but sometimes, they might as well be.

A heart can express love or sympathy or even be part of an apology.

But a diamond ring emoji? That looks like an engagement.

Kathryn Dennis for Bravo

Fans also noticed another detail about the cozy couple's photo.

Kathryn's ring finger is not actually visible in the image.

We don't know how long they've been dating, though presumably they were not an item back when Kathryn was hooking up with Shep Rose.

(She's come a long way since her days with Thomas Ravenel, on every level)

Is it possible that she waited to go Instagram official with Hunter until he popped the question?

We are all kinds of curious but she has yet to confirm anything in actual written letters.

For now, all that we have are emojis.

Kathryn Dennis Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird replies IG

The photo alone was enough to get Kathryn's friends talking.

Naomie Olindo congratulated Kathryn on going "insta official" in the comments below the pic.

Danni Baird also commented.

"Wait, does this mean we're not dating anymore?" Danni jokingly asked.

"Damn you Hunter Price," she jokes. "Snuck right in there!

She is of course referring to the recent rumor that Kathryn was banging her BFF.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird

Hunter Price rose to fame on America's Got Talent.

He's a reasonably young and reasonably hot Country singer.

Kathryn's fans seem to be totally on board with their romance -- and, if it turns out to be true, their engagement.

Of course, Kathryn herself is still reeling from her last major relationship.

She and Thomas Ravenel are locked in a nasty custody battle over their two young children.

For that reason, Kathryn might not be too eager to jump into a brand new commitment.

Or maybe the time is just right.

Hunter Price Selfie

Kathryn has been through the wringer.

Fans cannot help but wonder if her romance with Hunter will make it onto Southern Charm itself.

Did she keep it a secret until January because their relationship is private?

Or ... did she keep their romance under wraps because Bravo wants to display most of it on the next season?

We'll all find out together.

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