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For most of her career, there was a tinge of irony to Ariana Grande’s last name.

But these days, the pint-sized singer is living up to her moniker with larger than life drama that’s made her more of a tabloid staple than ever before.

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First, there was Grande’s engagement to Pete Davidson and subsequent messy breakup.

(That situation featured some size discrepancies of its own and helped to popularize the phrase "big d-ck energy.")

The months that followed featured plot twists and controversies both big (the death of Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller) and small (the hilarity of Ariana’s misspelled tattoo and her failed attempts at fixing it).

Ariana Grande on Ellen

And then there’s the continuing drama surrounding Grande’s latest single "7 Rings."

As you may have heard, Ariana was accused of stealing lyrics for the song, as well as copying the tone and delivery from delivery artists such as Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy.

Now, Grammy producers have asked Grande not to include the song in her performance at the show — which has led Ariana to the decision to simply stay home.

Ariana Grande, Black/White
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Yes, according to Variety, Grande was "insulted" when showrunners asked her not to include "7 Rings" in a medley of her hits.

And so, not only has she refused to perform, Ariana won’t be attending the ceremony at all.

"With this development, the Grammys find themselves not only without a twice-nominated artist whom they have been using to promote the show, but also without one of the most vital artists of the moment," Variety points out.

Ariana Grande DESTROYS Haters Over Disgusting Mac Miller Comments!
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Already light on star power, the Grammys really can’t afford to lose Ariana, who still appears on billboards for the show all over Los Angeles,

Among the A-list stars who also won’t be attending this year’s ceremony are Taylor Swift, who’s busy filming a movie adaptation of the musical Cats, as well as Kanye West and Drake, both of whom have registered objections with the way the show 

(“They don’t air the other rap awards on TV,” Drake complained after winning best rap album in 2013.)

Ariana Grande: Aretha Franklin Tribute
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Interestingly, it’s unclear why producers asked Ariana not to perform "7 Rings."

Their decision may be the result of the plagiarism controversy, or they may simply feel that the song is too new for an audience that’s sure to include lots of casual fans.

Whatever the case, they just talked their way out of a megawatt attendee.