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It has only been one week since Empire actor Jussie Smollett was attacked and beaten in a vicious hate crime.

Investigators continue to gather evidence in the hunt for his masked assailants.

In the mean time, Jussie has returned to work — and Chicago PD hopes to do a follow-up while he’s in town.

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As we reported over the weekend, Jussie performed in Los Angeles.

He has remained adamant that the "motherf–kers" do not win. That’s a great attitude in the face of true horror.

But he’s also being careful. The planned meet-and-greet was canceled over security concerns.

TMZ reports that the actor returned to Chicago on Sunday to continue filming for Empire.

On Monday, he shot scenes for one of the final episodes of the season.

On Tuesday, Jussie did a table read with the cast.

In line with statements from showrunners and from Fox, security personnel were present the entire time.

Jussie Smollett on Stage

TMZ‘s sources say that, while Jussie is in town, law enforcement officials are hoping to do a follow-up interview.

It’s fairly standard for police to want to speak to victims of crimes more than once.

Though the first interview may be the most important, follow-ups may yield new information if the victim recalls something.

(That first night of sleep after a traumatic event can help people process their memories)

But police are not just relying on Jussie recollection of his attack — which took place at night, at the hands of men wearing ski masks.

Jussie Smollett Promotes Empire

On Monday, Chicago police revealed obtained additional surveillance video.

Though the public has already seen this distant photo of the suspects, the hope is that additional CCTV footage will yield further clues.

Unfortunately, TMZ‘s sources say that police have yet to find video of two key things that police hope to see.

One, they have not found video of the attack.

Such video would be useful at trial, and would also help to silence the conspiracy theorists who believe that Jussie fabricated his own attack.

Two, police have not uncovered footage of anyone fleeing after the attack.

That would help them to track down at least the direction in which the pair of men traveled to escape.

Jussie was not attacked because he is a famous black man or an openly gay man.

He was targeted for this attack because he is both.

As we mentioned on the day of the vicious attack, Jussie had two targets on his back.

As an actor, he is able to provide much needed representation in the world of television, where gay roles so often go to white men.

Unfortunately, that is also what made him such a "threat" to the pair of hateful bigots who attacked him.

We hope that these monsters can be brought to justice, and swiftly.

Jussie Smollett

Though it has been a week without any arrests, we need to remember that investigations take time.

A pair of masked men, men who may have picked their target in advance and who may have known where cameras were not, are tough to identify.

If the FBI is successful in tracking down the origins of the threatening note that was mailed to Fox just weeks before, that may go a long way.

And there is always a chance that, when the investigation appears to die down, one of the assailants will brag to the wrong person about the attack.

In the mean time, we all need to remain patient and to wish Jussie the best.

TMZ notes that Jussie continues to reside at his Chicago apartment, where he was living when the attack took place.

We hope that he remains safe.