Pete Davidson Confirms Ariana Grande Engagement, Shows Off Ring!

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So, uh ... this whole thing with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson ...

It's a roller coaster ride, and we are 100% here for it.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Many, many people think that these two crazy kids are moving too fast, and obviously that's true.

Looking at their relationship timeline will likely make you a little nauseous.

But you know how anytime you hear a story about a couple getting engaged fast, and someone pops in with "well, when you know, you know," or "my grandparents were married twelve minutes after the first met" or something along those lines?

Maybe Ariana and Pete just know, you know?

Maybe one day, they will be those grandparents in that story, just with more tattoos and more weed.

Anyway, today we're going to be talking about their engagement, because Pete just confirmed it with an Instagram post!

He shared this adorable picture:

Ariana ring

For the caption, he wrote "u know what you'd dream it be like? it's better than that," which is really sweet.

But let's be real, nobody is looking at the caption when there's that ring on Ariana's finger.

It looks like a huge pear-shaped diamond, and it is SO PRETTY, right?! 

The jewelry designer that made the ring, Greg Yuna, did a quick little interview about it, and he revealed that the ring is just over three carats, and Pete paid $93,000 for it.

"Pete called me at the end of May and said 'Look, I'm getting a ring. This is what I want,'" he recalled.

"And I told him I had the right ring for him."

He said that "He didn't tell me who it was for but told me to keep it a secret. He didn't tell me anything about it."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

OK, so that's really interesting -- let's add this little tidbit to the timeline.

On May 9th, Ariana announced that she and Mac Miller had broken up, and on May 16th, Pete revealed that he'd broken up with his girlfiend, Cazzie David.

A couple of days after that, the rumors really began about a possible relationship between Ariana and Pete, and on May 30th, he shared the first photo of the two of them together, seemingly confirming the rumors.

And right around that time was when Pete had the ring made.

The very, very first thing that made people think these two could be together was when Ariana attended a Saturday Night Live after-party on May 12th.

But when you consider their previous relationships and when those ended, they couldn't have been together for more than a few weeks when Pete got the idea to propose.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

And man, how crazy is that?

Judging by the comments on Pete's photo, it looks like the vast majority of people are excited for the engagement, which is nice to see.

Besides a few good-natured jokes about how fast things are moving, most of Twitter seems supportive of their love, too.

So we're really doing this thing, huh?

Ariana and Pete really are going to get married.

Judging by everything else, we'll be back with wedding details sometime in the next fifteen minutes!

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