Ariana Grande DESTROYS Haters Over Disgusting Mac Miller Comments!

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It's been nearly three months now since Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose ...

It's still terribly sad, right?

He was so young, and for him to have dealt with such a serious addiction for so much of his life is just heartbreaking.

It's also heartbreaking to think about how his loved ones, including ex Ariana Grande, have been dealing with this loss.

But unfortunately, not everyone has a heart, and some of those people have been criticizing Ariana for the things she's said about Mac's death.

And this weekend, she finally went off about it.

1. The Real Facts

The Real Facts
OK, so Ariana Grande is an absolute gem of a human being, right? Let's just state that right away.

2. A Queen

A Queen
She's SO talented, and she's always been so sweet to her fans.

3. ... And This

... And This
She's also had some pretty high profile relationships.

4. So Fast

So Fast
Back in May, she began dating Pete Davidson, and a few weeks later, they were engaged.

5. Small Miracles

Small Miracles
Thankfully they didn't follow up that fast engagement with a fast wedding -- last month, they broke up, and it has been a particularly pretty one.

6. SAD

But before she dated Pete, she dated Mac Miller, and that's what we're going to be focusing on today (sorry, Pete).

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