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We’re all hyped for the newly revealed Alaskan Bush People premiere date, but we don’t have to wait that long for an update.

Matt Brown is giving fans updates on social media.

And a new report tells us even more about his journey back to sobriety.

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"Sometimes, all you need is the sea," Matt Brown captioned a pair of images of himself at the beach.

"So beautiful," he remarked, adding a smiley-face emoticon.

Matt Brown has gone through some troubles recently.

But, with support from his family, he came out the other side of his 30-day stint in rehab feeling healthier.

Now, he has the help of group therapy and a sober coach to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Images like these, shared to Instagram, really help to reassure fans that he is doing so much better.

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Sometimes, however, fans would like more than just some happy photos and to take someone’s word for it.

RadarOnline reports on the context of these pics and on how Matt is doing.

"Matt went to LA last week because his mother, Ami, was getting her cancer check-up," the insider shared.

Ami overcame considerable odds to beat lung cancer, but regular cancer screenings are now part of her life.

The source notes that these are screenings "which she now has to get every three months."

As fans may recall, the Browns own a Beverly Hills mansion where Ami resides when undergoing treatments at the hospital.

Ami is in Bed

Ami is not the only member of the Brown family whose health is in question.

"Matt is in an outpatient rehab," the insider says to RadarOnline.

That means that he continues to attend therapy for his excessive drinking, but gets to sleep in his own bed.

"And," the source says, Matt is "working with a sober coach again."

It’s wonderful that his family has the resources to help him.

Matt Brown Photo

Matt is doing his part to let fans know how he’s doing.

"He is posting a lot of photos of himself online," the insider points out.

The beach pics are only one recent example. He also likes to photograph birds and insects.

"And," the source notes, Matt has "even started a youtube channel."

YouTube can be a monetization tool, but it can also work wonders for connecting with fans and creative expression.

Matt Brown on TV

The insider explains that Matt is doing all of this "because he wants to keep his fans updated on his progress"

This is great news for two big reasons.

First of all, that means that less of a burden falls on Rain’s narrow shoulders.

Rain just turned 16 last year, but has been her family’s de facto spokesperson on social media since she was 14.

Second of all, regular posts that fans can see can help Matt remain accountable to them and ultimately to himself.

Billy Brown and Matt Brown in Season 8
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Of course, as is sometimes the case, Matt’s decision to recover his sobriety came after some strong encouragement from his loved ones.

He had unfortunately had a tense argument with his family and stormed off to live in the desert outside of Palm Springs last year.

"Basically, Billy’s threats to cut him off woke him up," the source says of what drove Matt to seek treatment.

According to the insider: "Matt knows that if he messes up again, he will lose it all"

"And he also knows that no one really trusts him anymore," the source adds.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown

Matt does not want to repeat past mistakes.

"But he is trying to do things differently this time around," the insider shares.

He fell off the wagon once before.

This time, he turned to drinking during the most frightening moments of his mother’s cancer battle.

(As is almost always the case, abusing alcohol is a coping mechanism)

"And" the source explains. "He wants to show his parents that he can stay clean on his own."

Matt Brown

"Matt has reconnected with everyone," the insider says.

So after he emerged from rehab, he set about repairing any damaged or strained relationships brought on by his drinking.

"And of course," the source says. "His siblings are supportive."

The insider concludes: "they just cannot wait to see him back home again."

And neither can fans and viewers.