Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Locked In "Blowout Fight" Over Financial Mess!

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Money can't buy happiness.

But, when it comes to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott we might have an exception.

On top of the couple losing all of their finances, their relationship is plummeting right along with it. 

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We learn from Radar that American Express Bank filed a 'writ of execution order' on January 4 asking the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office Department to take possession of $88,246.55 that Tori still owes.

AmEx isn't the only lender coming after the family, Spelling and McDermott are also being sued by City National Bank for allegedly failing to pay back a $400,000 loan.

As a result, Radar reported that the troubling duo had a "blowout fight" in the wake of their financial mess.

Tori Spelling Cries

Spelling "screamed at Dean to get out of her life and not come back until he gets a job," a source revealed.

"She is sick and tired of their financial situations that they can't climb out of."

The couples' last big fight supposedly happened a week ago, just months after Radar shared "that the 45-year-old reality star kicked her hubby out of the house during the holidays.

Dean McDermott with Wife

It's easy to assume Spelling is dealing with some denial and shopping withdrawals, but meanwhile, her husband has resorted to extra measures to try and save their family financially.

He is working in construction while also continuing to look for work as an actor.

Tori, however, "thinks Dean is past his prime" and should be looking for other forms of work.


But, cut him some slack! It's not McDermott's fault that Spelling grew up "rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams" and never knew anything else. 

Like, how to pay a bill. 

But after racking up seven figures of credit card debt, we can only hope that the couple will learn how to manage whatever money they do make it out within the future.

While McDermott continues to job hunt, Spelling is desperately trying to sell her reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 and Deadline says its already in the works.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Stars

The reboot is supposedly featuring a number of original cast members alongside Spelling, including Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, and Brian Austin Green.

We hope the show makes a prosperous comeback! Mainly so Dean can stop doing construction. 

The opportunity may also give the parents another chance to try and set a good example for their five young children.

You know, on how NOT to be absolutely terrible with money management one day. 

Money may not solve all problems. But, in this case, it definitely does. 

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