Tia Booth Shades Colton Underwood: Put on a Shirt! Calm Your Tits!

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If you've been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you know Colton's choice -- and the shocking twist at the end of this season.

But even if you're avoiding spoilers, you know about Colton Underwood's personal history with Tia Booth.

Now that his season has begun, Tia took to Instagram to throw some shade his way. Take a look:

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth: No Hard Feelings

Just before the The Bachelor season premiere, Tia Booth took to Instagram to share a side-by-side photo of her with Colton.

In the photo, which is below, Colton is shirtless, and the two seem neither hostile nor romantic.

"Hey @coltonunderwood," Tia's caption begins. "Remember that time you wore a sleeveless sweatshirt at the beach."

Tia's rhetorical question continues: "and we realized we were 0% compatible and solely meant to be supportive friends?"

"Well," she writes. "Here’s my support."

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth, Throwback

Here is the photo!

Tia concludes her post with a piece of advice for Colton:

"Now keep your damn shirt on and go find you a gal," Tia writes.

She then includes the tags: "#thiswasafterparadise #yeahitspossible #calmyourtits #thirsty #extra #allingoodfun"

Those tags are for the benefit of the Bachelor Nation.

So this was snapped after Bachelor in Paradise, it is possible to get along with your ex, and she's just being playful.

Colton Underwood Works Out Shirtless

In case you missed the implication of her playful post, we'll spell it out for you here.

And we've included some illustrative photos.

That line about the sleeveless sweatshirt is Tia revealing that her relationship with Colton was founded on thirst, not compatability.

The dude has a pretty epic torso, which is no surprise considering that he's a professional athlete.

While his arms are nothing to turn your nose at, apparently they weren't quite overpowering enough to hypnotize Tia into continuing on with the relationship.

Of course, for the record, it was Colton whom audiences saw on camera as he told Tia that he couldn't see a future with her.

But many breakups are two-sided, no matter who breaks the ice.

Colton Underwood with Tia Booth

By implying that Colton's abs and heaving man-bosom had enthralled her, Tia seems to be throwing some shade.

She is suggesting that Colton's hotness is his biggest asset.

Some could interpret that as meaning that, without his body, he's not interesting or relationship material.

First of all, people definitely get engaged out of thirst sometimes. Not every engagement ends in marriage.

Second of all, Tia is still friends with Colton, and just because she wasn't compatible doesn't mean that no one else is.

And, as her tags suggest, her post is all in good fun.

Colton Underwood and His Dog

Colton Underwood a walking, talking juxtoposition.

He's a hunky heartthrob -- that's true even when he's wearing a shirt, but especially when he is not.

(You are welcome for including these photos, by the way)

He is also a virgin.

The Bachelor Fam has had virgins before -- looking at you, Ashley Iaconetti.

But as the leading man, Colton is taking that a step further.

As a man and an athlete, he is prompting some very important conversations about sexuality, gender roles, and double standards.

Colton Underwood Ocean Workout Pic

Clearly, Tia Booth is wishing Colton the best of luck in finding his soulmate.

Hopefully, his time spent wearing a suit will give his contestants time to consider the merits of his personality.

Otherwise, he could get engaged and then, the second that his tantalizing torso is out of sight, his fiancee might realize that they're polar opposites.

But Colton knows that and, hopefully, all of these women know that, too.

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