Thomas Ravenel: Kathryn Dennis Did Drugs While Pregnant and Our Kids are F--ked!

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Southern Charm fans will be alarmed to see that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis' nasty custody battle has taken its cruelest turn yet.

But it's no surprise that Thomas is the one sinking to new depths.

He accuses Kathryn of having been so drug-addled that she ruined both of their young children.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

According to court documents obtained by People, Thomas Ravenel accuses Kathryn Dennis of screwing up their kids.

"The parties’ oldest child, K.C.R., has developmental and behavioral problems that have required intensive therapy," Thomas' attorneys claim.

That would be Kensie.

"Father is informed and believes these problems are the result of [Dennis’] lack of bonding with K.C.R. during infancy," the papers say.

Documents also accuse: "The parties’ youngest child, S.J.R., has developmental and behavioral problems that have required intensive therapy."

That would be their child, Saint.

"Father is informed and believes that these problems are the result of Mother’s drug and alcohol consumption while S.J.R. was in utero," Thomas' team says.

Kathryn Dennis and Kids on Christmas

We're not sure what sort of "behavioral problems" a pair of children as young and Kensie and Saint could be said to have.

But accusing Kathryn of ruining her kids, either through a lack of bonding or through drug use, is an extremely serious charge.

Kathryn's attorney has addressed the leaked documents, but only up to a point.

"For ethical reasons, I’m not going to comment on her case in the media," Kathryn's attorney says.

A factor in that decision, of course, is that using literal children as props in a highly publicized legal battle is ... pretty gross.

"However," the attorney promises. "I am preparing an appropriate reply that will be filed with the Court denying defamatory allegations made by Mr. Ravenel."

Kathryn Dennis with Kensie and Saint

Accusations aside, something that is true is that Kathryn's use of marijuana cost her custody of her kids for a long time.

(That's right -- in our country, some moms talk about how pot makes them better parents, but a mom in another state can lose her kids)

Kathryn expressed in May: "when you don’t have your children with you and they’re at such fragile, young ages, it just feels like part of you is not there."

In 2018, she regained 50/50 custody of both Kensie and Saint. She is currently pursuing full custody.

"Your heart is walking around outside of you and you can’t see them or talk to them," Kathryn described of missing her kids.

"It’s out of your control but these are two humans who you gave life to," she said. "It’s just so unnatural and I can’t describe it in any other way."

"It’s probably one of the hardest things you can go through in life in general," she shared.

Kathryn concluded: "It’s hard spiritually, mentally, and physically; you can just become drained by the guilt and shame."

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

As part of his argument in court, Thomas claims that he's the best thing for Kensie and Saint.

He argues that they "have received regular, individualized therapy tailored to their developmental needs” thanks to him.

As a result, Thomas claims that they “have developmentally and behaviorally progressed under his care."

Since Kathryn regained joint custody, Thomas claims that things have changed for the worst.

Thomas alleges that he "has observed marked regression in the minor children’s therapeutic progress."

Kensie and Saint Ravenel

"The minor children have developmentally regressed since [Dennis] has assumed 50/50 time with the children," Thomas claims in court.

He says that this is "evidenced by … [Dennis’] failure to help potty train the parties’ youngest child."

"And," Thomas accuses. "Continuing to feed the youngest by bottle instead of a cup."

If you're not familiar with divorced couples or with children in general, these are pretty standard accusations for exes to level at each other.

Every "problem" with children is the fault of the other.

Every disagreement on what a child needs turns into an accusation of neglect.

Kathryn Dennis Unhappy at the Reunion

Thomas also alleges that Kathryn is still big into drugs.

"[Dennis] abuses prescription drugs, is engaged in the use of illegal drugs, and consumes alcohol in combination thereof regularly," Thomas claims.

"[Ravenel] is informed and believes that [Dennis] did not successfully complete her rehabilitation program," the papers read.

Court documents continue: “[Ravenel] cannot be certain that [Dennis] has maintained and sustained sobriety since the entry of the 2017 Final Order."

Thomas admits that Kathryn has been passing her drug tests, but argues: "As [Dennis] has a history of purchasing synthetic urine for purposes of passing drug tests."

He then claims that "[Dennis] buys, sells, and trades prescription medications to and from friends, cast members, and show producers to support her prescription drug habit."

This is a huge mess.

We wonder if Thomas will come to regret all of this when his children are old enough to read about the claims that he made in court.

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