Teresa Giudice: Screw Joe! Give Me a Spinoff!

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According to a recent report, Teresa Giudice is finally ready to split from her husband.

Not just in a personal sense, however.

Sources now also indicate that Teresa is looking to go her own way in the professional world as well.

Teresa Giudice Chills Out

“Teresa wants to have her very own Bravo spinoff show,” a source tells Radar Online, explaining that Giudice is angling to profit (big time!) from her divorce from Joe.

Rumors that Teresa was leaning toward this decision have been floating around the Internet since last fall.

That's when a judge decreed that Joe would be deported after he finished serving 41 months on prison for bankruptcy fraud.

Yes, deported. Like, all the way back to Italy because he broke federal law and never became a U.S. citizen.

Would Teresa remain in the marriage... even with her husband living in a different country?

Would she relocate as well, even if it means she could no longer star on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

These have been among the many questions fans have been debating online for several weeks now.

With her wedding ring off on occasion, and with sources alleging she actually told Andy Cohen the divorce was imminent, it certainly appears as if Teresa plans to end her marriage.

And start a new show, she hopes, according to Radar.

“Her role on [The Real Housewives] just doesn’t pay enough, and Teresa needs the extra cash to be able to buy Joe out of his portion of the ownership of their mansion,” says this insider of why Giudice wants her own spinoff.

The spinoff, of course, would focus on her life as a single mother, once Joe is out of the picture.

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens

“Teresa has held back a lot of intimate details about her personal life from viewers and is pitching Bravo that this project would allow her to be essentially reintroduced to the audience," Radar writes.

Teresa, of course, spent many months herself behind bars for her own role in the aforementioned bankruptcy scheme.

She and Joe lied about their income and their assets and tried to get out of paying certain taxes back in the day.

They've expressed very little regret for their actions, mostly just claiming they received bad advice and often playing the victim at times.

They also share four daughters.

Teresa Giudice Attends Daughter's Party

As for when Teresa will file for divorce?

We can't say for certain. But she's already plotting for how she'll rake in the dough once she's single again.

With this spinoff, for starters, but also with various contracts from which Joe won't be able to profit.

“Endorsement deals, or any new projects beyond her reality show, wouldn’t be signed until after the divorce is final because she doesn’t want to give Joe any additional money,” the informant tells Radar.

Why won't she just move to Italy and keep her family intact and forget about all this reality television business?

Because... well... have you met Teresa Giudice?!?

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