Larissa Lima: Spending Crowdfunding Cash on Clubbing and Partying?

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We all saw the disturbing video in which Colt Johnson offers to "give away" his estranged wife, Larissa Lima.

But after her latest domestic battery arrest, what is Larissa up to?

According to her social media history, she appears to be partying and clubbing.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima on Instagram

Las Vegas may not have been great for Larissa's life.

She was arrested three times and has now split from her husband after a fight that left her face smeared with her own blood.

But apparently the 90 Day Fiance star is enjoying the perks of limited reality fame.

In her recent Instagram Stories, Larissa has shared that she is on the preferred guest list for multiple clubs in Vegas.

"Thank you for the guest list," Larissa wrote on her Story.

"Thank you, Juan," she wrote on another. "For [adding] me on your VIP list."

Larissa Lima VIP list vegas clubs

It is unclear how she received this preferential treatment.

Some speculate that she could have paid for this status, though that seems doubtful.

She cannot yet work in the United States and we imagine that most of Larissa's GoFundMe cash is going to essentials and legal fees.

It seems more likely that the clubs figured that it was worth it to put her on the preferred guest list in exchange for a little publicity.

Remember, though 90 Day Fiance stars are paid very little, the show is extremely popular.

A lot of people follow Larissa, and even more people follow her exploits.

Reality stars are amazing vehicles for advertising.

Larissa isn't partying, says Larissa

Larissa shared photos that made it appear that she was an an outdoor party, and received backlash over it.

"Just for the record," Larissa tells her fans and followers. "I'm not at party."

"This is my friend's house," she explains.

Larissa characterizes: "She's hardworking and honest."

"Stop please," she implores. "To make my DM crowded with hate."

In other words, she wants people to stop attacking her in private messages and to stop attacking her friends.

Larissa Photo

We should clarify that fan outrage about Larissa partying isn't some sort of Footloose prudishness.

Some believe that she is misusing crowdfunded cash to live it up, which was not what most donors intended.

While it's true that she can't work for a living at the moment, people feel that her time could be better spent not partying.

Based upon her photos and videos on social media, Larissa doesn't seem concerned about her legal difficulties or her very possible deportation.

Maybe she's putting on a brave face. it's unclear.

One thing that she does not appear to be doing these days is discussing Colt.

Colt Johnson cameo video

Colt clearly does not feel the same way, as he released a video offering to "give away" Larissa.

During the video, which he made as a Cameo for a fan, he drew attention to Larissa's "expensive taste."

He also warned any prospective takers to cover their heads and necks, a clear reference to her alleged domestic battery of him.

Larissa was arrested in June and November of 2018 and then again in January of 2019, each time for domestic battery.

The first two cases were dropped. The third, however, could get Larissa sent home.

A K-1 visa is not citizenship.

And while divorce on 90 Day Fiance doesn't always mean deportation, Larissa needs to take certain steps to keep from being sent back to Brazil

Larissa Lima with Facial Injuries

Larissa's shocking video shared after her final confrontation with Colt earned a lot of concern and sympathy.

Even after she had washed off the blood, she had injuries to her face and torso.

While some -- including the police, apparently -- believed that Larissa's wounds were self-inflicted, others were not so sure.

The defense of Colt was the claim that he is a chronic nail-biter.

Multiple photos of Colt have shown that he had nails long enough to leave scratches like those seen.

This led some to speculate that he may have, whether or not he inflicted Larissa with the scratches, chewed down his nails to convince the police.

We do not know what happened that night, but a lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers have very serious questions.

It is our hope that both Larissa and Colt remain safe.

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