Joy-Anna Duggar: Did She Defy Jim Bob By Getting a Job?!

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If you know anything about the Duggar clan, then you know strict adherence to a very rigid set of rules is essential to their self-identity.

Duggar women, in particular, are taught from a young age that they've basically been put on earth in order to do exactly what the men in their lives tell them to do.

4 Duggar Sisters

First and foremost, Duggar girls are taught that their prime directive is to get married and make babies -- in that order, of course.

With the exception of 28-year-old Jana, all of Jim Bob and Michelle's daughters have thus far been married off in their early twenties.

And with the exception of Jinger -- who didn't get pregnant with her first child until almost a full year after she married Jeremy Vuolo -- all of the Duggar women have set about the business of popping out babies almost immediately after saying "I do."

Jinger and Family

Jinger rebelled not only in the sense that she waited to get pregnant.

She also openly and proudly flouted the Duggar dress code, eschewing the usual floor-length skirts in favor of jeans and even shorts.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it seems that Jinger's rebellious spirit has rubbed off on her sisters -- kind of.

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar on Guy Fawkes Day

According to a new report from In Touch, Joy-Anna Duggar has defied her parents by getting a job.

But if you're looking forward to a Counting On montage in which Joy tries on series of power suits before strutting down Wall Street like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl -- we're afraid you'll be disappointed.

Joy is working for Fort Rock, a campground and event center owned by her mother- and father-in-law -- and the place isn't nearly as cool as the name suggests.

Joy-Anna Duggar Flaunts Post-Baby Weight Loss

The Fortyths allow families to rent campgrounds, but most of the services they provide are faith-based, and they've recently done business with some pretty sketchy characters.

Last year, Fort Rock hosted Debi and Michael Pearl, a pair of controversial child-rearing "experts" who condone striking children as young as 2 with blunt objects as a disciplinary measure.

Like we said, not exactly the kind of place where fond childhood memories are made.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Family

Currently, it's unclear what sort of work Joy will be performing on site.

All we know is that she's now listed as a staff member on Fort Rock's website.

Hopefully, she's in charge of booking talent and will shift the focus from child abuse proponents to fun fundie nonsense like Veggie Tales Live, or something.

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