Prince Harry: Responsible For Meghan Markle's Misery?!

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You probably heard the rumors that Meghan Markle is difficult to work with.

Supposedly she's turning the entire royal family upside down due to her demands.

There are also numerous reports that she doesn't get along with Kate Middleton.

Meghan is not happy with the slew of negative reports about her diva behavior.

It doesn't help the fact that Meghan is pregnant with her first child.

She's going to feel emotional during this time in her life.

It's supposed to be the happiest moments in her life but she can't even feel that way.

Her husband Prince Harry can't help but feel sorry that Meghan feels so miserable.

He kind of feels responsible for her misery, according to Us Weekly. You could call it sympathy pains.

Meghan is tired of the public criticism she's been getting over her wardrobe and diva attitude.

Even Vanity Fair, a prominent fashion publication, painted her as a social climber in their September issue.

Meghan is aware that she made a "huge sacrifice" marrying into the royal family.

This experience wasn't what she expected, which is why her husband feels responsible for her sadness.

Prince Harry has been tempted to lash out against the media for spreading lies about his wife.

She has told him not to since it goes against Buckingham Palace's code of conduct.

Ever since the couple married in May, Meghan has been hit with a slew of negative stories from the press.

The reports have accused her of acting like an entitled brat and for feuding with her sister-in-law Duchess Kate.

Meghan has a lot going on as it is. Not only did she get married, but she got pregnant so soon after getting married.

Now, she has to deal with the "public backlash" along with her own family drama.

This has caused Meghan a lot of stress. Though she was a Hollywood actress, she's never experienced this amount of negative criticism before.

Back in September, Meghan wanted to "speak out" about her father, Thomas Markle, and half-sister, Samantha Markle, but she decided not to.

Or, maybe it's because Buckingham Palace told her not to go there.

They don't want to bring any more attention to themselves since they already have with this wedding.

But Meghan is used to responding to negative stories on social media or through a publicist.

She's still having a hard time adjusting to this new life.

Meghan is expected to give birth in the springtime. Hopefully, the constant demands and pressures of being in the royal family won't cause any problems with her pregnancy.

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