Paris Jackson: Out of Rehab, "Losing Her Sh-t" Over Michael Jackson Documentary

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On January 16, we reported that Paris Jackson had once again entered rehab in order to be treated for various emotional issues.

These days, Paris is out of treatment and her mental health is reportedly on the mend.

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But that doesn't mean all is well for the tumultuous 20-year-old.

It seems a major cause of Paris' recent stress is a newly-released documentary about her father.

The film, Leaving Neverland, addresses the dozens of sexual assault allegations against Michael Jackson, but focuses on two cases in particular, in a way that reportedly leaves little doubt as to Jackson's guilt.

Sources say Paris is breaking down over the documentary, as she's maintained her father's innocence for her entire life.

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The 20-year-old has thus far refused to watch the film, but like the rest of her family, she's already condemned it as the latest assault in an ongoing smear campaign against her father.

"Paris is furious right now over the documentary, and she wants heads to roll over this," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

"The graphic nature of this film and how her father is portrayed is making her lose her sh-t, and she is threatening lawsuits."

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The insider confirms that the situation is "really sending her over the edge," and her family have urged her to simply try and distance herself from the film.

They've also discouraged her from speaking publicly on the matter for fear that she might endanger her own career as a model

"Her family wants her to stay out of it, but she is not going to," the source says.

Paris' brother Prince Jackson "is telling her to calm down, but she is not," the insider claims.

Paris Jackson, Smoking on Instagram

Family and friends are reportedly worried that Paris will post a scathing statement about the film on Instagram, and that the resultant backlash will send her into a downward spiral.

Fortunately, the insider says Paris is receiving plenty of support from boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, who's reportedly far more stable and mature than her exes.

We wish Paris the best during this difficult time -- but we also hope that at some point, she'll be able to examine the evidence against her father with clear eyes.

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