Margaret Josephs Attacks Marty Caffrey in Real Housewives of New Jersey Melee!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been around for over a decade because the show has no shortage of drama.

With only a few episodes remaining this season, that is clearer than ever.

As was hinted in earlier teasers, Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno's feud with Marty Caffrey turned violent.

Margaret Josephs vs Marty Caffrey

All About The Tea reports that the RHONJ finale party, which was filmed in June, culminated in a violent attack.

"Producers were fishing for fireworks all night," the insider reveals. "And kept pushing Danielle to confront Margaret."

"But," the source says of Danielle. "She refused to cooperate."

"The producers were pissed that Danielle wouldn’t play along," the insider adds.

"So," the source explains. "They nudged Joe Gorga to encourage Marty to confront Joe Benigno."

There are a lot of Joes in New Jersey.

Margaret Josephs

Quick backstory, in case it has slipped your mind.

Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs used to be super close.

However, over the course of this season, they have suffered a falling out.

Additionally, Danielle is estranged from her husband, Marty, even though they continue to live in the same house.

Marty has reportedly been desperate to win her back and refused to accept that it's over.

Marty and Joe Benigno are friends, but got caught up in a heated argument about whose wife is prettier.

Yes, really.

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

"Margaret and Joe [Benigno] approached Marty outside," the insider details.

"And Margaret complained that he had called her ugly," the source narrates.

Marty had not, and he tried to explain as much.

"Marty clarified," the insider explains. "That he only meant that he believed Danielle to be the most beautiful."

“The convo failed to spark drama," the source characterizes. "So then Margaret accused Marty of calling her an opportunist."

"Marty did not deny it -- and claimed that Margaret used Danielle as an ally to fight Siggy Flicker, during Season 8,” the insider notes.

“He basically accused Margaret of ditching her friendship with Danielle when Siggy dropped out of the narrative," the source says.

Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno Shove Marty Caffrey

"Marty’s accusation set them both off," the insider continues.

"And Margaret began screeching that Danielle is ‘a liar and a s--t stirrer,'" the source narrates.

"A shouting match ensued," the insider says. "And Joe began poking Marty in the chest over and over."

Don't do that.

"Margaret and Joe both shoved Marty into the pool," the source continues.

"Which," the insider lists. "Ruined an expensive suit, his iPhone, a Breitling watch and his Salvatore Ferragamo shoes."

Shoving someone into a pool was never okay, but these days, everyone has a delicate $1,000 computer in their pants. Don't do it.

Danielle Staub, Husband

Margaret and Joe reportedly left immediately after that.

Perhaps they had pushed things further than they had intended and were embarrassed.

Or maybe they were just afriad of retribution once Marty emerged from the pool.

Danielle remained in the house the entire time.

Danielle is a "friend of the Housewives" this season, and besides -- she and Marty are estranged.

We're not saying that she'd be fine with him drowning, but she was under no obligation to rush to his side.

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