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Larissa Dos Santos could really use your help right about now.

Your financial help, just to be clear.

Larissa Dos Santos on TV
Photo via Instagram

On Thursday night, Larissa and the husband with whom she very often argues got into what appears to be an actual fight.

By which we mean… a physical altercation.

The ugly details were shared by both halves of this 90 Day Fiance couple, as Larissa, for example, posted photos and videos overnight of her lacerated face.

"Unfortunately, Colt called the cops," wrote Larissa along with one of the more troubling images, as you can see here:

Larissa and Colt's bloody fight 01

Larissa later alleged that the back-and-forth started because she caught Colt with a subscription to an adult entertainment account, and she told Instagram followers to "help" her and that Colt will "lie" about what transpired.’

Dos Santos Lima went on to share a video, repeating that Colt had called the police on her.

"I’ll be deported," she says in the video, which has since been deleted. "I just scratch him because he was hurt me…I’m really hurt, but he called the police first."

To add to the ugliness and mystery of what actually happened, an Instagram user shared the following image and message:’

This was sent to me by a close friend of Colt’s and in the spirit of fairness I’m posting it.

Larissa and Colt's bloody fight 12

Colt was obviously trying to tell folks via this image that he was actually the victim of the assault.

And the authorities agreed.

According to TMZ, police only noticed one cut on Larissa’s face, but a lot of blood spatter and what they determined to be self-inflicted scratches on her stomach.

They even checked Colt’s fingernails and ruled at the scene that he was not responsible for her facial wound.

Based on her history and on this evidence, Las Vegas police arrested Larissa around 5 a.m. and charged her with battery, domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor.

There is a mandatory 12-hour hold and she is now in custody at the Clark County Detention Center.

Larissa and Colt's bloody fight 13

Bail has been set for Larissa at $3,000… and it doesn’t sound like she can afford it.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the reality star with her legal fees; she did not start it, but Larsissa did share it on Instagram.

Reads the plea/message on the account:

LARISSA – 90 day fiance star –  WAS ARRESTED After Bloody Fight with Colt, her husband.

Larissa stated that Colt scratched her face, and she scratched him back when she was trying to get away.

She says that he also hidden her phone , so she could not call the cops and he called first.

She denies the allegations of self harm, she says Colt ate his own nails after the episode to avoid jail time.

Cops checked Larissa’s criminal history and saw she had two previous arrests for domestic battery ( both cases dismissed) however they arrested her again.

She’s being held on $3,000 bond.  ( We found out we can pay only $800 today )

She will need an attorney.


Larissa was previously arrested for domestic battery in November.

Based on court records, this was her second arrest for domestic violence.

She had been arrested earlier in 2018 but the charges have since been dismissed.

As of this writing, $1,807 of the GoFundMe’s $3,000 goal had been donated.

And some fans out there had shared their stories in support of Larissa. To wit:

"I am a victim of domestic violence and my ex always tried to make me the abuser until he too it too far and almost killed me," remarked one user. "I hope she doesn’t run back to him. I will never help again if she does! No one deserves to be treated like Colt treats her!"

Larissa Fund Comment

Colt has not spoken publicly about the events from Thursday night/Friday morning.

We’ll continue to update readers as more information comes in.

But we’ve compiled all we’ve learned about the incident below and we invite interested indivduals to click now and scroll all around to get up to date…