Colt Johnson Offers to "Give Away" Estranged Wife Larissa Lima in Disturbing Video

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This has been a hell of a month for Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima.

The married 90 Day Fiance couple is now desperate to divorce, and Colt isn't being sublte about it.

In one of his latest creepy videos, he excitedly tells fans that he's "giving her away." See it for yourself:

Colt Johnson cameo video

Colt has been doing a number of Cameo videos -- fans shell out money and he sends them a short, personalized video.

Some people will shell out money for smarm, apparently.

In one of them, he invites people to take Larissa, as if she were a couch that clashed with his living room.

"Please take her off my hands,” Colt implores anyone watching the video.

“I’m giving her away," Coltee insists. "You can have her."

"I will fly her out on a chartered airplane to you at no cost," he appears to promise.

Note: the dude doesn't have air conditioning in his car, and he lives in Vegas. He's not chartering a plane for you.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception

Colt continues, elaborating on what a sweetheart deal he is offering.

"I will even arrange for you to have flowers when she arrives," he says.

"Because," Coltee explains. "I hear she likes them."

Back when Larissa first arrived in Vegas, as viewers saw on 90 Day Fiance, Colt did not bring her flowers.

She was weirdly peeved at the time, and had assumed that it was a matter of course for Colt to have flowers.

(Notably, not everyone likes flowers and many 90 Day Fiance couples go without)

"So," Colt asks. "Please take her."

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Still Together

Colt, who we must remind you was married to Larissa for half a year, then refers to his wife like pet fish or perhaps a plant.

"And," Colt advises. "Just make sure you feed her once a day."

"She likes steak," he says. "And she likes dresses and makeup …"

Those are just normal things that most humans like, but we imagine that he's trying to imply that she has expensive taste.

"So let me know," he says.

This would all be funny if they had been, like, reluctant roommates in college and he were venting at the end of the year.

They were married.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together

"Send me a DM," Colt suggests. "And we can figure out a drop or an arrangement or something."

We don't actually advise DMing Colt, as he cheated on Larissa through DMs and apparently feel that his fame forced him to do so.

Colt wishes people "Good luck."

"You will definitely need it," he adds.

We get it.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Mug Shot

Colt then makes what is clearly a reference to the domestic violence accusations that he leveled against Larissa.

"And watch out for the head and the face and the back,” he advises.

Thinking better of it, he concludes: “Just cover everything."

Larissa was arrested three times for domestic battery.

The third time, she herself had come forward with a blood-smeared face to accuse Colt of abuse.

She told her followers that she had only defended herself against him.

Larissa Lima Shows Bloody Facial Wounds

We don't know what happened on that fateful January 10 night, but we know that it's no laughing matter.

And there's no real question as to who the overall villain is between Colt and Larissa.

The answer is "both." They're both just ... not good people.

This toxic couple captured the attention of fans for a reason, and it wasn't over anything good.

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