Larissa Dos Santos Lima Breaks Down, Begs Fans to Pay for Her "New Life"

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Larissa Dos Santos Lima is about to be single.

And now she wants to mingle...

... with her fans.

... because she needs their money.

The controversial 90 Day Fiance star was arrested and served with divorce papers within a 24 hours period last week, as her tumultuous marriage to Colt Johnson finally appears to be coming to an end.

How is Larissa reacting to this development? By asking you to give her some cash, basically.

Scroll down to be caught up on this ugly romance and to see what Lima is saying to her supporters about it.

1. It's Finally Over for These Two

It's Finally Over for These Two
Johnson filed for divorce just hours after Larissa was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse against him.

2. This Was Her Third Domestic Abuse Arrest

This Was Her Third Domestic Abuse Arrest
To be fair, or official, charges were dropped after the first two and Larissa was never prosecuted for either alleged incident.

3. What Happened This Time Around?

What Happened This Time Around?
We're trying to piece it all together, but both Colt and Larissa shared photos of their bloody faces late last week, following some sort of confrontation.

4. This Wasn't Their First Fight in Their Seven-Month Marriage

This Wasn't Their First Fight in Their Seven-Month Marriage
But it was definitely their ugliest and, seemingly, their most violent.


Larissa posted this frightening image and initially simply said Colt called the cops, telling followers she feared deportation.

6. What Prompted the Fight?

What Prompted the Fight?
As many outlets have since confirmed, and as Larissa tried to explain here, she supposedly caught Colt having purchased/watched many adult entertainment videos.

7. More Disturbing Evidence

More Disturbing Evidence
Larissa went on to post numerous snapshots of the wounds she says Colt inflicted upon her. This is one.

8. This is Another

This is Another

9. And This is Another

And This is Another

10. And This is Yet Another

And This is Yet Another

11. What is Colt's Side to the Story?

What is Colt's Side to the Story?
He simply asks a 90 Day Fiance blogger to share this photo of his lip, alleging that Larissa was the one who did him harm.

12. And the Police Agreed

And the Police Agreed
Las Vegas police officers were called to Colt and Larissa's home very early Friday morning. They listened to both sides and they looked over all injuries.

13. What Did They Determine?

What Did They Determine?
That Colt, based on evidence at the scene and on his person, was NOT responsible for the injuries displayed by Larissa.

14. They Took Larissa Into Custody

They Took Larissa Into Custody
Based on Colt's lip wound and Larissa's history of domestic violence, she was placed under arrest around 5 a.m. local time.

15. Go Fund Her Please!

Go Fund Her Please!
A GoFundMe page was then started on behalf of Larissa in order to help her with legal fees.

16. Go Fund ME Please!

Go Fund ME Please!
And now Larissa has started a different GoFundMe page to help "with her new start." She explained in her caption that the funds would purportedly used for legal fees, "for my divorce and for my new start."

17. I'm Sorry, I Just... Can't

I'm Sorry, I Just... Can't
The TLC star went on Instagram Live Sunday evening from a friend’s home, where she’s been staying since bailing out of jail following a domestic incident with her husband. She proceeded to explain the basis for this GoFundMe account.

18. In Tears

In Tears
"I’m not happy about it, I’m not proud about it, but it’s something that I need your help with now," she told followers.

19. She is Not Perfect, But...

She is Not Perfect, But...
Concluding her Live session with a friend who plays translator, Larissa says she came to America to create her own family but “that didn’t work out.” Says this friend in the footage: “She came with good intensions. She’s not perfect, she has issues …. but she’s not a mean person.”

20. The Bad News Kept Coming

The Bad News Kept Coming
According to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Larissa's GoFundMe to get a "new start" in life was reported as fraudulent by hordes of internet trolls, so GoFundMe canceled the campaign and is refunding the donors.

21. Larissa Explains It All

Larissa Explains It All
Larissa cleared the air on Monday, announcing that GoFundMe had explained that her campaign to raise bail money actually goes against their terms of service. In the mean time, she is accepting donations through Zelle, and hopes to soon be able to accept donations through PayPal and Venmo.

22. Then, a Stunning New Accusation

Then, a Stunning New Accusation
On Monday, Larissa shared that she was in the hospital -- she posted this photo to Instagram -- because she was not feeling well. She then said that she had learned that her soon-to-be ex-husband had cancelled her health insurance on Wednesday, the day before their fight -- which makes her have more questions and suspicions than before. The implication is that he planned it.

23. Colt Insists that It's Not True

Colt Insists that It's Not True
Colt posted this photo, saying that he never canceled Larissa's insurance and that she is still covered. We cannot verify the date on which this was taken, and would of course prefer to believe that this is a misunderstanding. Perhaps there was a mix-up at the hospital?

24. A Previous Update

A Previous Update
This is what Larissa told followers after she was released from police custody on Saturday.

25. As for Colt?

As for Colt?
He has a very different take on the situation, as you might imagine.

26. I've Done EVERYthing for Her, He Wrote on Social Media

I've Done EVERYthing for Her, He Wrote on Social Media
This is one example of what he means.

27. Sent Literally Packing

Sent Literally Packing
Colt also packed up all of Larissa's things and wrote a lengthy caption on Instagram that provided supporters (and critics) with his version of specific events and the relationship overall.

28. This is What He Wrote:

This is What He Wrote:
"I don’t understand my soon to be ex wife. She comes to America with literally nothing. The suitcases she used for travel I provided for her. On her arrival I already had clothes waiting for her to wear and everything she needed to start a basic life in America. Over the course of months I continued to provide for her, gave her shelter, food, and supported her wants and dreams."

29. And He Continued:

And He Continued:
"When she needed a doctor, lawyer, therapist I would always do what I could for her. My sole mission since her arrival was to see that she was happy, taken care for and nurtured."

30. And He Concluded:

And He Concluded:
"When she wanted to start her business I gave her a thousand dollars just to start. Every time she was in trouble, I was there."

31. Anfisa Nava Weighs In

Anfisa Nava Weighs In
This fellow 90 Day Fiance star is Team Larissa. She wrote the following as a comment to Colt: "Should have maybe tried not to cheat on her and understand what she actually wants? And not instigate drama and then act all innocent? I always felt a connection with Larissa because I saw a lot of things in your relationship that I went through in my own relationship in the past. Never wanted to comment publicly but you are a gaslighter and what's happening with her right now and the way you act is disgusting."

32. Yes, Colt Cheated

Yes, Colt Cheated
He has admitted as much, telling the public after these allegations went viral: "I would like to say yes I am human and I have faults. I most definitely made mistakes but my relationship with Larissa is more than what you see on TV...We are like any couple in the world with it's ups and downs. We also have the fortunate misfortune of also exposing our selves for millions of people to dissect, diagnose and discuss."

33. I'm a Wanted Man!

I'm a Wanted Man!
Johnson hilariously noted at the time that he "received massive amounts of attention from fans, especially women." So can you blame him for stepping out?!?

34. My Bad, Though!

My Bad, Though!
"These things mixed with a relationship that has its problems makes for a dangerous scenario. I crossed the line between fan and fandom," he conceded a few months ago "The reality sometimes is lost and this is something I have to handle in private."

35. Trying to Look Ahead

Trying to Look Ahead
"In the past Larissa and I always tried to make it up and now we will talk about our futures," he concluded in this statement last year. "I am taking the responsibility for the things I did and for the people that suffered."

36. Alas, the Marriage is Now Over

Alas, the Marriage is Now Over
Probably for the best, right?

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