Kendall Jenner: I Have a BIG Announcement! Please Don't Hate Me!

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Kendall Jenner messed up, guys.

Like, this is the 2019 version of that dumb Pepsi commercial.

Kendall Jenner Looks Angry

Remember that, when she thought it would be cool to star in an ad in which a dang can of Pepsi solved all the problems in the world?

Yeah, this new thing is almost as ridiculous as that.

It all started on Saturday, when Kris Jenner teased some big announcement from Kendall on Twitter.

"I'm so proud of my darling @KendallJenner for being so brave and vulnerable," Kris wrote.

"Seeing you share her most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people and help foster a positive dialogue is a testament to the incredible woman you've become."

Kris Talks

She told everyone to "Make sure to watch @KendallJenner's Twitter on Sunday night to find out what I'm talking about and be prepared to be moved."

After that, it was time to go to town on some hashtags: Kris added ones like "be the change," "share your story," "change the conversation," "proud mom," "finally a solution," "authenticity," "my daughter inspires me," and "get ready."

On top of all of that, she also shared a video of Kendall saying "It's OK, and I can help you, and I experienced it and I'm very normal."

So this sounded like a very, very big deal, right?

Kendall Jenner in All Black

Kris made it sound like Kendall had been through something truly horrific, or that she was going to open up about something really serious.

Lots of people thought it would have something to do with her mental health, since she's been open about her issues with anxiety.

Others hoped that this would be her coming out as gay or bisexual, which has been a rumor for a while.

Kendall got all sorts of well wishes for whatever she's been going through, but at the same time, Kris got some shade for promoting her kid's problem on social media.

Kendall Jenner in Purple

But all that happened on Saturday, and then on Sunday night, it was time for the big announcement.

So what was it?

A Proactiv commercial.


In the ad, Kendall -- who, remember, is a very rich, very famous, very successful model -- explained that at last year's Golden Globes, some people noticed that she had some zits.

Kendall Jenner at the Golden Globes

The horror.

She said that after the bad comments, she began receiving good comments about how strong and brave she was to go outside with a couple of pimples on her face.

And that changed her whole entire life.

She shared some photos of herself with no makeup and some breakouts, and then let us all know that Proactiv was "magic" for her, and that it can be magic for us, too.

That was it.

Kendall's acne

That was the whole announcement.

Look, of course acne isn't a walk in the park or anything, and it can obviously affect someone's self esteen.

If it's bad enough, it can even be physically painful, and that sucks.

But are we really going to act like Kendall revealing that she is a 22-year-old who gets pimples sometimes is some inspiring, life-changing thing?

It's embarrassing.

Kendall Jenner Walks in Milan

And so very many of her followers weren't impressed with how this whole thing developed.

"And the biggest anticlimactic moment of 2019 so far goes to ..." one of those followers wrote.

"The F-CK IS THIS?????" another asked, while someone else pointed out that "Kris really overhyped this huh."

One person took the sarcastic route, writing "I can't believe she gets minimal acne like everybody. Her story is INSPIRING!!!!"

Even her actual fans weren't feeling it.

Kendall Jenner in Total Shock

"I mean we all still love her but all this over a brand deal reveal and her explaining she has acne problems which we knew already," one tweeted.

"Genuinely thought it was something serious and unknown about her."

Another said that they love Kendall, but "HATE that you had her call it a S E C R E T!! Playing with people's emotions is top dog wrong."

"Your company should be ashamed also that you allowed her to talk about a real 'raw' story about what happened in her life," said another follower.

"Acne is nothing to be ashamed of for young people."

The whole thing is just weird and laughable and cringey and bad, isn't it?

Thanks for the adventure, Jenners!

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